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How about dem Elves?

No, I did mean Entangle. Elves are nimble and have a connection to nature, so they can easily escape twisting vines. Then again, that is maybe more apt for Wood Elves than for Dark and High Elves. Your suggestion of Web is better, since it’s again mana related :slight_smile: I also like the immunity to charm @Anchovies mentioned, so why not bundle it all together?

Elven Willpower: Immune to Charm, Mana Burn, Mana Drain, and Web.

That does sound like a nice overall trait that would fit all three elf races I think!

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…I always believed Elves’ trait was going to be Enchanting. I mean, there are 5 Enchanting troops, 4 are from Silverglade and 3 are elves.
(2 are Dragons, just because for every trait “there’s a Dragon for that”)

I don’t think enchant should be exclusive to elves, since enrage is not an exclusive ability for orcs. However for the various immunities, you could change them based on the type of elf. The dark elf is immune to web (they are mostly spiders or in close contact) whereas the wood elf immune to entangle (Since they live in a forest) and then use 2 other abilities to unite all elves

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Enrage is mainly for Urska…

Nah, they first appeared with the Orcs.

With the Orc. Unless it was part of the Orc reworking a while ago? No other Orc has Enraged anyway, while 4 Urska do.

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How about:


  • 15% chance to dodge any damage or effect (Skulls, Spells, Debuffs)

Thematically in almost all fantasies, Elves have been agile and intelligent. But since mana mechanics are powerful and magic increasing mechanics are OP on some characters and useless on others, why not focus on something that all elves should have in common?