Honour Trading Needs Attention

Since the introduction of the honour system a considerable amount of global chat is predominantly from players spamming with offers to trade honour. Day in day out you see the same culprits bragging about their fake honour levels when the vast majority of it wasn’t ‘earned’ in the way I expect the devs intended. Bearing in mind that honour can give rewards, this practise represents blatant exploitation and misuse of the new feature. I feel that honour should be available only from random battles, such as PvP and wars. Good defence? Have some helpful, fight a friend? High five and so on. I have even noticed an increase in ALT accounts to abuse the honour system further. I very much doubt that this was how the devs envisaged the honour system playing out. Unfortunately the game is still populated by a significant number of players with a very low moral compass who have no qualms about exploiting a loophole to gain advantage. I rarely give all my honour; I award on merit. There is nothing honourable about trading and something needs to be done to get this feature working appropriately.


All they’d have to do is put up a helpful PvP team…Instead it’s rope darts and begging.

“palms…palms for the poor”

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While you are not wrong, I disagree with you.

The devs may probably have introduced this system to have people honor people on a random good will basis. That can be true. But it’s also true that they definitely want us to use global. Otherwise they wouldn’t have put so much work in last patch and its chat oriented content, with new set of emojis being released every week through the purchase of the different event tiers.

So, since the introducing of the honor system, I find myself (level 1300+, meaning I’ve been around for a while) participating in global chat for the first time ever.
Yes, with the sole purpose to trade honor. But guess what, in order to achieve that, I’m also…

  • Actually using chat, a feature that had a major improvement in last patch so again, devs wants us to participate in it.
  • Enjoying the use of emotes, so considering to go higher in the purchase of tier events just to have more to chose from.
  • Being polite to others. I’ve been told there’s always been a huge amount of toxicity in global. Maybe my small contribution, and that of many others like me, can help change that for the better.
  • Meeting new people.
  • Boosting my daily income by ranking up in honor system, the same way I’m helping my trading partner boost theirs.

To sum up, we may think we are using global incorrectly to trade honor… But are we really?


Definitely not wrong about the benefits Tuaya! Especially people being more civil (though I suspect the report feature has something to do with that too. Hard to recruit in Global when 50 messages a minute are coming through. Not that the best method is global, but visibility of recruitment is shot. Are you wrong, no, but it is annoying when other things are being done; advice, recruiting, and even general hellos don’t get recognized because someone says “I’ve got 5” followed by a ton of “ooh, I’ll trade” messages.

It’s just ironic that people are begging for honor instead of earning it in some way. The message on the Calendar conveys a “helping the community” element that people are supposedly being rewarded for. It’s all pretty meaningless anyway. The rewards on the calendar aren’t that good.


Yes! Most definitely! Part of being polite also consist in knowing when to jump in. If there’s a conversation going on I would not want to interrupt, one would rather chose to chip in if it I think my voice can matter on the subject, or just wait it out if it is not of my interest.

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This is what it was designed to do. There’s this Law of Unintended Consequences.

The devs could tell people would game it, so they made the most obvious ways to game it unprofitable. That just made less desirable behaviors the most profitable way to “win”. And since it’s a progress bar with rewards, people want to win.

It’s like if there were a cosmetic badge for losing GW battles. You’d see people whining they can’t recruit players who don’t intentionally 2-3 and complain they had bad luck.

“Anyone got any honor on them?”


hit me up bb

I have noticed that since the Honor system was put in place, there is far less toxicity in the Global Chat, so for that alone, I appreciate it. I personally only ever give Honour where it’s due & I never ask for any in return. I have always tried to be helpful & in the past, even when I’ve been helpful, there has always been someone to shoot me down just because someone says thank you. Things like that have dissipated & people are tending to be more friendly as well as appreciative of someone that is just trying to help others.
It is being abused to a degree, but I personally just ignore the ‘begging’ posts.
I still like the feature though. It has greatly removed a lot of toxicity.

That’s a little ironic coming from the guy who put “want to be honored enough to…”

(I mean that completely tongue in cheek bc it was clever. But totes ironic now)

You won’t see me in global begging for an honor fix.
If you’re talking about the advert for RAR. Our ranks in the fAWRmily now are “Revered Lord or Lady”. If folks make Requirements… They keep the “revered rank”. I just want the pet, but I still tell my guild to honor other people and not me. Because respect means more than “honor”. Even if my respect stats aren’t public data.
If it’s not that… I’m not sure what you’re quoting then…🤷

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I was talking about the revered rank. That with the crack reference was pretty hilaishiois.

I agree with you re: not ho’ing it out for honor

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I see what you’re saying but personally speaking, I would be less likely to use chat for the first time if all I was reading was cap in hand begging banter. Trading is not chat; it is a self rewarding enterprise, which you openly admit was the inspiration for you to engage in global for the very first time. As others have said, recruiting is compromised, as would be a new player asking for guidance. He asks a game related question which will be largely ignored by the bear pit, but may get a reply two or 3 screen pages later. That’s hardly an incentive to become a global regular. Why don’t you all just trade with your guild mates and leave global slightly less cluttered? And yes Angie, there is less toxicity because its been watered down by the traders. Either way, its completely fake and those who still avoid chat (now they have even more reason to because the begging is nauseous)are missing out in your opinion. Chat may have been patched but its still very poor. Our guild lost doom floor information because the chat cache is far too small and it scrolled out of the register into oblivion. I still do not believe that the devs would want the honour system blatantly abused and exploited. Especially after bancopalypse lol.

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This isn’t official, but people have sort of reverse engineered how many honor points you get. You get fewer honor points from trading with guildmates than trading with randos.

The devs want you in Global chat, not guild chat. When global is active there’s a psychological hook that gets new players more attached to the game. So everything about the honor system is set up to discourage you from interacting with guildmates if you figure out what the point values are worth.

The only way it makes any sense is if, say, some guild were to keep 2 slots open every day and if, say, some rando were to join the guild and buy an LT, the 28 other guild members would promise to give that rando honor. That’d be a bigger boost than just trading with some rando in global and it’d replace global begging with what we always had: guild recruiting.

Plus we’d get all the drama of dumb newbies who file player reports because they gave money to a guild and the guild didn’t give them honor!

@Slypenslyde. Thanks, as a non trader I didn’t know any of the honour limitations associated with guildmates versus global randoms. But that doesn’t stop players making ALT accounts to hop around other guilds and exchange honour between primary and ALT accounts. I support increased comms globally and within guilds wholeheartedly but creating an honour system to promote it is completely the wrong approach. The devs have created an exploit within their own game AGAIN. Rather than have folk spam chat all day long with trades, the devs should simply award honour for posting anything in global because honour is the only reason some of them are there at all, as Tuaya openly pointed out.

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Just been in global looking for potential recruits. Absolutely no chance. There is hardly any banter whatsoever because the trade spam is incessant. Devs, please have a look at what you have done to chat.

Since the honour system was released, I’ve always had a Fire Bomb team or something for the weekly event. The first week and maybe 2 weeks, I got a decent amount of honour (Fun) from it. After that, I’m lucky to get 1 per day.

There’s no incentive to give it out.

I wish people would go to another channel for trading. Perhaps 69?


I’d rather have people fighting in global than this trading “honor” crap. What kind of honor is there in trading fake honor. At least the fighting is real.

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I’d rather have people trading honor than abusing or threatening each other in global chat. But I might just be old fashioned. :stuck_out_tongue: