Problem about honors

hello! I have been receiving honors for years but I am stuck at “honorable” with a lit gem, is there another way to receive honors or I have some specific problem that I don’t understand, P.S. one of my mates has the same problem

Simplifying things a bit, the game just counts how many different players you’ve received honor from. If you are only trading honor with the same player you won’t progress.


Hi @Falcon86,

Think much more have same problem, you need real insane many honors to get further.
What some people do and can help to get more honors is making a pvp defense related on a campaign task or a fun team to get the lower / beginner players to reach tier 1 in pvp.
Other is what I have seen long ago when I was still on global is trait your honors with others.

Are some ways to get more honors but even with that I find the number (what you cant find) of getting honor to reach next level and reaching on the end revered insane high!

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Go to global chat 778, type 2up in chat and leave an honor for the last 2 people in there (above you). Great way for people to level up their honor.


I get tons of it in PVP daily. How I wish that it can get the revered kitty to mythic.

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ok thanks to everyone! however I correct myself I am stuck to “exemplary” not to “honorable” sorry

Hi @Falcon86,

No sorry needed, Im stuck at exemplary 3 and looks/feel if I will hang in there for the coming time as I see how long others got from this rank to revered :frowning:
Success and have a great weekend!

We had a guildmate who was getting 10-20 honors each day for months and months, but didn’t end up pushing him to Revered. 2 days on chat 778 and he hit it.

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Hi @Vixen,

yeah I know that global chat can make your reach real quick revered, but I have a visual disorder what makes that a chat goes most of the time much to quick for me and second in the time I was there years ago there were pretty much struggles between people and I really like to be social and meet other players and talk over GoW but Im not waiting on all drama and things imo that dont belong there but if others like to be there and on that way also bring them fast to revered awesome!
Im not in rush and with PVP and patience I will become revered sooner or later :wink: but thanks for the tip have a great weekend!

Make sure you did 1 rank PVP. Then go to cPVP and set an easy defense. Hang in there. I get >10 honors daily. I never beg for honors. Some guildmates even give honors for the pets you get. But honors from players from other guilds counts more.

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Hi @Wow,

Me, neither Im grateful if I get them and in guild I get every day some I have no rush but coz I play more PVP for PG so will place there an easy or campaign task related defense team.
I always play rank PVP till so, 3500 or higher and since I know that the PG are there I go after that to cPVP and try to catch those PG’s lol
Thanks for the tip, have a great weekend :star_struck:

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778 has no conversation. You just post “2up”, then click on the last 2 chat lines, click once to honor them, and that’s it.

Hi @polyester thanks for tip, information how 778 works!