[Not a bug] Honor Bug?

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Member of my current guild for approx 120 days and an active player for over a year. I have been stuck at honorable 1 after receiving between 30-40 honor from my current guild. I have not been banned and there is no honor scoring available from the devs.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Its been happening for approx 120 days.

Steps to make it happen again
Get honor over and over only to never rank up

The Honours you are given from other guild members are worth much less than receiving it from others outside of it.

This does not appear to be a bug, it was always intended this way.

It is kind of explained here but the devs have never revealed exactly how the system works:

It’s a 4.x feature, which means its bafflingly terrible and never will be fixed. You click a player in global, it gives you the option to honor them. You give them a high five, then click their profile, you realize they are revered and 1 of your 2 daily honors is wasted forever. You wonder “Why would it not show their honor level on the first screen?”. “Why would it let me waste my honor on someone who is already revered?”. An entire year goes by. You realize it hasn’t been improved or addressed in any way.


I have a theory that when X player honors the same exact player over and over. They are actually giving negative honor points to the player.
I had a member submit a ticket about it months ago. There’s been communication back and forth but still no resolution on that regard.

I’m 99% sure that if I honor the same person continuously then my honor points for them decrease each time from it’s original worth. Let’s say my honor is worth 10, then the next day it’s worth 9 if I honor the same exact player ect.

What I believe happened 3-4 months ago is they made some adjustments. And now the decrease is going past the value of Zero into the negative numbers.

They don’t disclose exactly how it’s supposed to work so they can adjust the values as they see fit and randomly. They blame the players for not disclosing how honor works with the :ox::poop: that they don’t want it “exploited”. But have no issue with players trading honor daily. :man_shrugging:
Yet they don’t have the time to invest hours into figuring out why a player went from Exalted 3 to Exalted 2 without receiving a ban of any sorts. But did receive honor from the same folks for at least 5 months now.

I don’t think the honour system works at all. Guild mates giving guild mates honour is based on contribution within the guild. That seems perfectly ethical to me. People spamming global chat with honour trading based on nothing is unethical. And yet the latter gives more honour boost than the former. Add to this the huge increase in alt profiles to further illegitimately boost their primary accounts just compounds the issue further. Those who profit most from this ludicrous honour system (in the majority of cases) are those who behave the most dishonourably of all. It’s a joke how ill conceived this system is.


The only reliable way to get honor is to spam request it in global.

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The best way to get honor in GoW is to trade yours away or beg for it from strangers.
Is prostitution a flag worthy word?
If not, then that’s basically what the current honor system promotes.

BTW…I’m assuming this thread will be changed to feedback and won’t actually be taken as a bug report.
Because if we don’t know how something is supposed to work. Then the devs never have to admit it it’s bugged or not. :man_shrugging:

Feel free to delete my feedback if this actually remains a bug report thread.


True, that why players in Guild family have a big advantage

Not a bug, but a feature! How typical. Beg for honor - I’m not a whore. I guess I’ll just not worry about honor at all, not try to complete anything and just play for fun. No $ from me will go to this game if they can’t implement features that actually help guilds, not strangers.

You seem so sad that you can’t cheat the honor system by just trading honor amongst a few people :unamused: Instead you have to meet and greet other people, and maybe not make strangers of them. You can even invite another guild for lite chat and honor trading in one of the hundreds of chat channels.

There’s discussion to be had about if it’s a “cheat”.

There are plenty of ways the devs could have implemented Honor so “trading” couldn’t happen. Beta testers could have provided feedback in that direction within a few days. Five year olds could have provided further feedback. So could high school students, a rich crop of foreign programming labor.

But they didn’t. And it’s been several updates, and they’ve done nothing to combat honor begging. At some point the “bug” becomes a “feature”. If they really wanted players to use honor as a “tipping” system, they’d tie it to game actions. It’d be post-PvP only, or in response to a guildmate buying guild packages. “In response to a game event” is the righ time to do it. But their vision is limited.

It “seemed fun” and they tried it out, now it needs tweaks. But we don’t get tweaks to old features in this game, they are on a treadmill designed to create new features. So this is the postmortem of honor: “A neat idea that needs iteration, but the team is obligated to avoid iteration.”

In short: whine all you want, the effective way to get honor is the way you hate. The devs could fix this to show they agree with you, but they haven’t. That implies you’re wrong. Don’t like it? Take your own advice: quit posting or quit playing and above all else quit whining. The game is a beautiful angel and you should be ashamed for insulting one of its features.

Sad - pfft, hardly. There are 30 members in my guild - that’s not a few people. If we as guildmates cannot honor one another without real meaning, that’s a terrible implementation. Honor among guildmates should count equally to other’s honor. It’s not cheating to actually honor someone for a job well done, whether it’s from number of battles, their performance in gw, making leaderboards - actually honorable.

Next time before you talk crap, think that maybe someone is making a legitimate point. People want to understand how something is implemented so they can do things to work towards goals, not cheat (at least me). For you to suggest otherwise will only give those individuals posting on this forum the desire to not post and not understand. That can drive people away. Why don’t you ask what their meaning is instead of judging someone as a cheater.

I see people all the time on the global chats, asking to trade honor. Are those people cheats? Do yourself a favor, be more constructive and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

ill give some tips which i know work
honor from reverend is worth more then other ranks
honor from gms is worth more then other ranks
honor from higher level players is worth more then other ranks
honor from other guilds is worth more then guildmate honor
now what each honor is meant for
helpful. If a gm or someone posts a team and helps others send helpful honor to them. did they share a team? map floors? etc?

that was fun. use this fighting people in pvp who you thought had a good team, made a challenge or you like fighting them. fireball defences get this often due to reward gold and glory

hi5 is the common honor to friends and others who do a good job

other ways to get honor can be from reporting players violating code of conduct

it takes many honor to get to reverend and your behavior and causing trouble in global can lose honor by being reported.

each level rank needs more honor to increase. the third purple rank feels like you need 100-150 honor

best advice is be a good overall person, help others, report trouble and try honor channels with 2up.

while you may say im no snitch etc… thats up to you and weather you want be a helpful or not

Do you have any evidence to support this?

and this?


I’ll add my two cents here…in my PC guild, we have an honor system setup: every member passes out their two honor to two different, designated guild mates, each day (that aren’t Revered). It doesn’t appear to be making any difference, whatsoever. So, on my Xbox account, I went from Honorable III to Revered in exactly 3 weeks. It wasn’t by trading. I spammed cPVP (far left hand side) every day & setting my defense to Fire Bomb team. I’d usually end each day with 10-15 honor, most being that was ‘fun’ . On my PC acct, I didn’t spam PVP, but it seemed doing some PVP usually entailed me getting 5-6 honors per day and I’m convinced that pushed me to Revered, more so than the in-guild passing out of honor.

from what ive noticed in the honor channel and being a gm
also report someone and if there is a ticket in your mail usually you become rewarded w honor in helpful
try it yourself

the pvp that was fun i can clerofy does work and reporting people gets you helpful i can confirm as i do it all the time

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