Honor Question - Frequency


I have a question about Honoring players who are being exceptional. How often may I do so? I have a player in mind who I respect and admire greatly. He is an MVP of this game continuously, and I want to give my Honor High Fives to him when he is acting particularly exceptional, which is always.

This person is obviously @Jonathan

How often can you give exceptional players High Fives? Once per week? Per day? Per hour? I need to know so I can create an Outlook Calendar event to go over his posts and honor him appropriately.

Friends, give @Jonathan your extra High Fives. He deserves them. You will see him in Global bringing light and life to all he meets.

Thank you.

PS, I really do want to know how long Honor High Five reset is. This is not a joke. This is Sparta.


Once daily


I have no reason to honor anyone but my guildmates since honor is prerequisite for rewards. Sorry. If he joins my guild I’ll hit him up though.


It is unfortunate that they did that. They sold the feature as an unrequired extra thanks to people who help, then tied resources to it. Just a terrible mistake overall.


And considering how much of the banpocalypse drama was people angry that half their guild got banned, I’d be willing to bet it’s plenty easy for the bad people to shrug off dishonor. They’ll form cartels of trolls that boost each other back, just like upvote brigades on Reddit.

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I think I met with @Jonathan yesterday on chat. It’s good to know someone who’s friendly and nice to others. Will try and get to know him better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed. In my opinion this Honor system is a quiet introvert’s worst nightmare. I play GoW because I enjoy the strategy and artwork of the game. To tie rewards to the honor system is just miserable. I may eventually be lucky enough to get enough honor to get the special calendar, but its unlikely I’ll ever get the exaulted dragonkitty. Oh, and its rather frustrating to collect tribute and continually see no honor received.


Exactly. I have no intention to award honor to anyone not in the alliance of guilds I am in because of this…

If honor is supposed to be something like real esteem or respect for other players, then this was a very poor design choice…


I’m hoping once someone reaches the highest rank on the honor system. That people are unable to send them more. At which point, a year or two from now, folks outside of guilds can start receiving honor as well.

Yeah, I’m going to put my cynicism and angst down for a minute and be serious.

This isn’t really “a social game”, it’s a game of cliques. I’d like to branch out and meet new people, but until my guild’s all as honorable as possible I’m more motivated to help out the people I talk with every day that also help me get rewards.

I can also think of a neat racket: “Join this guild, buy this many LTs, and 29 people will give you honor.” They can do it twice a day and get a lot of LTs. Nice! There’s probably quite a few other ways people can “pay” for honor.

If honor were just cosmetic, and I had more than a precious 2 per day, I’d be way more inclined to actually use it in PvP. I have this convoluted plan:

What if there were a special “PvP honor” you get for fighting in PvP matches? The higher your own honor, the more you can bank -and/or- the faster you can get it. PvP honor can only be spent at the conclusion of a PvP match. Ta-da! Even if it’s got a low daily cap, I’d be inclined to spread it around to randos since I couldn’t spend it on my friends. (I mean, sure, occasionally I face a friend in PvP, but it’s rare.)

All in all I expect they’ll take away our ability to honor guildmates. Use it while you have it :wink:


I guess that isn’t the case. Why can you send it to the developers then? But it isn’t needed after that

I’m surprised they didn’t give separate amounts of usable honor. Some just for chat and some just for PvP.