Question of Honor

I have a question regarding a rumor circulating in global chat & I would like a dev to answer this post please. My question is this: Is it true that if you give honors to a member of your own guild it does not count or it has a lesser value than if you were to give honor to someone outside your guild? I keep hearing that this is true, but it makes no sense to me since I would think giving honor to your guild peers would be encouraged, rather that discouraged. Therefore, I would like to hear it from “the horse’s mouth” per se & have a dev either confirm the rumor or debunk it as gossip. Thank you.

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Devs haven’t officially said that Honour from fellow guild members is worth less than when received from outsiders but this is the closest they have got to saying that it is:

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The devs will not answer this because they explicitly do not want us to know how to farm honor. They’d be upset if you knew the best way to do so is to go into global chat and find different people who will trade honor with you every day.

Of course not, that’d be ridiculous.
But, repeat honor from same person counts for little to nothing.

Once everyone in your guild has exchanged honor, you must find other players to trade honor with.

Do we have comfirmation for this? Or is it still speculation?

I can’t give u the ratio, nor can I confirm if it’s because it was the same people I’d trade with daily
But it took 2 months to move from honored 2 to honored 3 trading with same 2 people in my guild
Then from honored 3 to revered was about the same time, the last level was about a month, while each level before was about a week to move up

I wouldn’t expect a satisfactory answer from the devs
All we ever hear on most things “it works as intended, or, we don’t want to give the details as to make players able to game the system”

All I know is that it was taking months to rank up by exchanging honor inside the guild, then after moving to a channel with an alliance of guilds I gained 2 ranks in a few days. And now it has been weeks again since I gained a rank. I don’t know for sure what the “penalty” is for honoring within your own guild, but it seems quite clear now that multiple honors from the same source count as less.