Honor system needs re-worked or dropped

So, now that it is confirmed that not all Honor is equal, it either needs re-worked or dropped completely.
By refusing to divulge the rules for Honor, they are stating that they do not trust the players with Honor.
If you don’t trust the players with something, THEN DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!

  1. Take out the rewards and make it cosmetic only.
  2. Explain the rules, so if someone wants to honor a guildmate, they will know how to give them something worth it, not an “empty” gesture that in the end, means nothing.
  3. Make all honor equal and don’t sweat about the minimal resources tied to it.
  4. Just drop the whole thing completely and move on.

Yeah I’m tired of seeing those dang beggers in global


can you elaborate on why not all honor is equal, please?

One of my guildmates got a ticket answer back when they submitted a bug report that 10 honor was gotten, but they did not go up a respected level.
It said “One person may get 10 honor and go up a level while another person may get 10 honor and not. This is normal. This is influenced by many things, but we can’t go into details so we can prevent min/maxing”
This two people getting the same number of honor, but getting different results is extremely stupid and needs worked on.


oh. that’s… i see.

The devs biggest fear:

Because they don’t want players Exploiting their way into a pet that’s only awarded from Honor points.

But they have zero issue with people wasting the already finite resource that is honor by trying to bestow on them a compliment and helping them gain a rank. Yet not being able to because of RNG?
I’ve honored the same Respected person 5 days in a row and he or she still hasn’t gone up to Respected 1.
You don’t want everyone to have a stupid pet? Well I don’t want you making any of my members feel like :poop: because they are the only ones who haven’t gone up in honor rank. They aren’t less than anyone else in the guild and it’s BS to even risk them feeling like that.

Does my honor no longer count as whole points? Because @Cyrup. Imagine a scenario where I advise every player to only give money to the devs based on their “Honor level?” Would the points be equal in value then. I bet my :peach: they would. :grinning:

Hey Billy, I gave you 5 honor points but you didn’t move up in rank. So that $100 you were planning on buying gems with. Go buy a couple games from developers who treat their players equally instead.

What makes my honor any less than anyone elses? More importantly what makes my honor greater than someone else’s?
If any of the devs were ever mad enough at me that they wanted to try and take me from this world. I would happily give them a loaded gun. Not because I want to stop breathing… But because I know they would just end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Quit nerfing my gold, my PvP points and now my honor. Because you’ll only cause folks to nerf how much money they’re willing to give to your game. Please and thank you.

By the way… Every person who is Exalted or higher in my guild has Deathknight Armor. I never bought Deathknight Armor and I’ve been stuck at Honorable 3 for a week now despite lots of honor daily. So clearly thats how the value of honor points is decided. Not by who gives them, but by who receives them.
I have proof of this. But I can’t show you it. I feel it’s better not to show my work to those who don’t trust me enough to tell me what my honor is worth.


Honor should have been a longevity prize. Thats all. Not a cirlclejerk.

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