HONOR , what is its purpose ? And is it being used the way it was intended to be used?

I see people trading HONOR on global is this the plan for it ? I personally only give HONOR to my guild members . I would much rather see a guild member receive a new pet than someone i dont even know . Whats your thoughts on this ?


The devs were specifically asked about honor funneling through multiple alt accounts and honor brokering on global, they replied that they are seeing the honor system used exactly in the way intended and meeting all expectations. So I guess you are free to do whatever you want, your creativity is the limit.

My thoughts :thinking: you get to know more people in global and become versatile. See and speak with different people with different mentality. Me not socialising and interacting with global and just with my guild it’s like I talk to only the people I live with and ignore my neighbors and people around my city

Until you hit revered status then it’s back to ignoring global completely again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It just feels fake to me. Your unlikely to learn much about player mindset during the incessant trading frenzy that global has become. ALT accounts set up to add further fake honour just falsify the whole concept all the more. If this is working as intended according to the devs, then I find their reasoning discombobulating. Pure fakery in most cases and chat is ruined. I believe honour was introduced to increase global communications and attendance. In my eyes it has done the opposite; less banter and thus more reason to give it a miss. Recruiting is worse than ever on account of trade spam. Honour should only be available to and from players you have fought; not from clicking ‘x’ on someone in chat, global or otherwise. Give honour rank some credibility.


Thats kinda how i see it , very one sided . Friends taking care of friends ,nothing else .


It means people are using chat, which was the goal of the update. Now when the boss man asks, “Why do you spend so much time on chat? Why don’t you just let players use Discord and the Forums?”, the devs can point out “there’s thousands of participating players daily!” and the boss man’s satisfied. Boss man doesn’t play GoW. He just wants to see numbers.

Ooh i get it now it has nothing to do with the people that support and play the game . Wow that SUCK’S !!! So its gonna be the same with forum activity then , just for Good numbers . Understood ,loud and clear ! Politics over principal’s !

I mean I can try and clean up my mess but here’s how it goes.

GoW is a lot of things. It’s not just a match-3 game. Some people like some modes, nobody likes all modes. Chat is a mode.

I’m a person who has no use for chat. My signal at work is so bad sometimes I can’t even check tribute. I can’t have a game open at my desk all day. But I can hang out in some Discords that are just-work-related-enough to keep that open. When I get home, I want to play GoW, not chat. I can keep up with Discord while playing, I can’t keep up with chat. So I will forever find chat completely useless and resent any effort spent on improving it.

But it was also in terrible shape until this update. It barely worked. That’s what happens when you write your own chat client instead of using one of dozens that have existed for more than 30 years. To the people that like to use GoW as an IM client instead of a game, that was a big deal. They’re pretty happy with how it’s turned out. And there are probably people who didn’t like chat before and like it now.

No update’s going to be a win-win. This one was useless to me. I’m pretty convinced a big reason for honor to exist was to get people more involved in chat. The devs figured out the non-chat ways people would game it.

Sadly, they didn’t add the one thing to chat that it needs: moderators. Imagine a chat where begging gets you a 24-hour ban plus a -50 honor penalty. You wouldn’t see begging there, would you? But alas, a big portion of the game is active when the dev team’s asleep. And all weekend is a no-mod-zone. It seems they were so focused on making sure people didn’t abuse honor outside of chat, they forgot chat would be the most disruptive place to abuse it.

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Well, I’m that opposite end of the spectrum; sometimes the only thing I did in a day in GoW is chat and most of it is in global and guild chat.

I don’t particularly want more oversight. Our resident warden and the report button are plenty enough for me.

I still don’t care if people beg or trade honor. Or if guilds inbreed it all over the place. Those of us who are in 001 all the time have our own ways of dealing with it. Sarcasm, wit, and a sentence or two can work wonders… and when it doesn’t, there’s this neato block button.

And a gem docking and an honor bash for asking for something? Really? That might be the most counter-helpful thing I’ve seen yet. Now that some of the honor traders are getting their gold headband, they’re paying it forward to those in more casual guilds where it’s harder to get it.

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Paying it forward? Or paying back old honor debt. If I can trade honor I should be able to loan honor as well… Right? :wink:
@Lyya I have been Exemplary 3 for 3 weeks now. The RNG God’s do not favor my current title. Please change it to “Honor floor, Honor couch, Honor bed” to clearly demonstrate to others how there’s no right or wrong way to honor someone. :grinning:

The only thing I don’t like about the honor system is the fact that not all honor is weighted the same. It’s like giving me currency and telling me the value will be determined depending on how or who I give it to.
I get 2 “magic beans” a day to give away.

The cynic in me can’t help but wonder how many folks “trade honor” without having any to actually trade. What are the consequences of lying about it? Enjoy the peace now ladies and gents. This system will only lead to more drama than it could ever of extinguished.


Full and total agreement. Head nodding yes so much that i might’ve popped something.

However, I’m not expecting the drama-fest that you are. Maybe, maybe not… I’ll just wait and see it unfold.

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Think about last night in global… It went from “how are you” to instant degrading comments. Then I was the bad guy for not Rewarding the shit talk but also not escalating it.
Global has become a weird eco system of Recruiters, beggers, regulars and knowledge seekers. It’s like putting a bar in a library and allowing mall kiosks to sell stuff in it. But now the honor system has made it “ladies night” every night. The thirst is strong. :grinning:

I myself use global chat,i have since day one . All of the people in my guild came from global chat . Global chat has changed ,this is true . I’ve seen the way it was and the way it is now . The difference from then to present time , is the nastiness has gone way down . Do to ,being able to report a persons behavior . Plus everyone has seen or heard about someone being band from global chat. The funny part ,it still the same people on global chat as before ,just with multiple accounts . So nothing has changed really . I have two and ahalf years being involved with this game . I’ve seen the changes occur as time with game has gone by , but what Didn’t change are the people . Same people just a different front now , everyone is the nice guy , bunch of suck a$$Es looking for honor .

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Yes I want Revered, but I won’t degrade myself for it.
I’m happy to sing for my supper, but I won’t sing for a Kitty. :grinning:

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Who’s that penny . Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh .

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You can already see it happening , people saying you owe from yesterday or i’ll get you tomorrow . You nailed it . Perfectly

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You boys are not taking in consideration that we are a massive mass.
Obviously you going to find scams, alt ,beggars but also people that spend their time grinding and working with their guildys and then you have people that spend more time chatting and socialising n global than playing

I fully understand that , i do . Just dont see any new people . So to say honor was created to stimulate chat in global is wrong . All honor has done ,from what i’m seeing . Is create another reason for tension between people . Trading is gonna go south . Can already see people upset with it . I’m unemployed at the moment , this is how i spend my time , all day sometimes . Today turned game on at 7am its 12:40 pm now , i’m here seeing it first hand !