Honor.... The intention and the outcome

Honor was created as a way for everyone to be more friendly in chat.
I don’t criticize the fact that 80% of chat is trading honor or Recruiting.
I just find it funny that honor was created to encourage friendly chat, but actually caused less people chatting than ever before. (Assuming it has nothing to do with less and less players playing. I’m sure a dev will correct me if I make such a claim.)
But I guess no chat, is better than toxic chat. :man_shrugging:


I chat all the time. I love the honor system, and I reward people I like or care about or feel good about with honor everyday.

I kind of wish it wasn’t anonymous though, so ungrateful people could simply say, “Please don’t give me honor”, like some people I know that really didn’t want honor at all.

I always assumed they added honor to decrease toxic chat/trolling. It takes an extremely long time to climb up the honor ladder. So, someone that is invested in the game would probably think twice about their next trollish banter or edge lord joke when they know their honor could get demoted. (As we know, people love to have everything maxed in this game. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Other than that, I can’t see the point of it.

Those trolls now wear their “dishonor” (removed honor) like a badge of honor. Like a felon bestows his rap sheet for street cred.

Ok then. Well, there really seems no point to it.

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I mean, I definitely said as much when I first saw the system … dev time wasted.


The aphorism here is “locks keep honest people honest.” The problem being things like honor systems assume rational people. Rational people might get curious and open a door to see what’s behind it, but leave the door alone when it’s locked. Burglars aren’t rational people. They’ll pick a lock, break the knob, etc. to gain entry. Trolls are not rational people. They want to be seen, and don’t care if the attention is negative. They thrive on any attention whatsoever.

You deal with trolls via moderators, not point systems. But that’s not something that can be sold in flash offers so it’s not a feature of GoW chat. Only the devs can moderate, and every troll knows they’re asleep during a lot of players’ prime time. They also know “a chat ban” doesn’t cost them in-game resources, so if something does happen there are no consequences.

feels like theres never anyone in my chat for years now…prob has something to do with my block list …


They should have made it so you can see who sent it
Maybe via mailbox instead of tribute
It’s rare but sometimes people will lie about sending it
Unless u demand screenshots or collect 1 per tribute, they can easily get away with it

That, and the secrecy of how much is gained and how, are the main issues
Can’t wait to be done with it


It’s mostly the obscurity of the system that bothers me.
Recently my guild has become active in sharing it, and some members have gained several ranks in a few weeks while me and some others who have been sharing for months are still at the bottom. Incredibly frustrating.


Interguild honor has a near worthless value
2 months for an honor rank up while I was doing it that way, less than a week for the next rank up in global already
Tell your guild it’s a waste of time

Dunno. I exchange to a lower level guildie who also get from another guildie and he is at exemplary 3, while im still at bottom. He says the exchange works nicely… From his point of view though…

I used to drop into global now and then, never a regular, but when the honour thing started I stopped going and have never been back.
Don’t really care about it at all. Doesn’t mean anything, to me anyway.

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There’s also speculation that repeat honor from the same people has less value than from new people. That could explain why constant inter-guild trading feels slow, because you’re getting honor from the same people over and over.

I choose to trade with people in global and felt like I progressed at a reasonable rate, and finished before most others in my guild family. On the other hand, I was probably more dedicated to it early on, so maybe I just did more trades.

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I give honor to no cancer pvp defense, and i get honor every day cause i don put cancer defense.


It’s not speculation, repeats increase little to none.

So over in Xbox land, my GM made a deal with another guild to join a chat channel to trade. Every day, we gave two honor to two members (we were told the two) until we cycled through all the players. Did hat with two guilds and most members were maxed.

EDIT: I can definitely believe it but it’s safer to say it’s “speculation” than state it as a fact when I don’t have the data, and haven’t seen any data that proves it.

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Well, safer or speculation aside, you will never get any where quickly by design if the same people honor each other.

Oh! I have things to say!

I can understand how some players view the honour system and update as superfluous, but we have noticed huge changes in player behaviour on our end.

The amount of extreme incidents in global chat has dramatically decreased since the honour system, and the ability to report players in game, were introduced. The overall toxicity is down due to us being able to act more quickly when reports are made, and because players don’t want to have the Honour that they have worked hard for revoked.

Compared to 2 years ago, global chat is friendlier with far less incidents where players violate our community guidelines. That was our main hope when designing and releasing the Honour system.