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Hero Types don't count for Tasks

This was a little disappointed this occurred.

I have not tried that yet. Are you sure you had that perk activated?

Never mind. I missed the screen that showed beast bonus.

You can see me check everything trying to figure it out lmao.

I ended up replacing the Hero with Spider Swarm

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Ewww, Spider Swarm… couldn’t you have picked anything else?

I was being lazy and was completing two Tasks simultaneously (3 Beasts and 3 Reds). The 4th slot doesn’t usually matter when farming Challenges, just fill it with parameter Troops (Troops that are for Tasks).

All the more reason to give us Explore.

I’m all for it, however I’ve been getting Arcanes like candy lately.

@Mr.Strange, did you guys improve the drop rate or am I just on a lucky streak?

I think you’re on a lucky streak. I don’t track as closely as you do, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten an arcane in battle in over a week. I had a really good run where I picked up 4 or 5 in a couple days before that though.


They did increase a bit several weeks ago. (Only a bit)

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Talia unearths another jewel!

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I’ve reported this bug previously, nothing was ever done.

Something is being done.


Fresh meat!

Hello @Alpheon, we haven’t met. If you don’t know who I am, the other developers just threw you to the wolves :wink:

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I don’t know why Talia has this “I’m a troublemaker” attitude - I’ve always found his/her comments to be very useful & clear. Worth paying attention to, certainly.

It’s my online persona, and done all in good humor :thumbsup:

Talia is an a-hole, trust me.

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Better than a b-hole or a c-hole for sure.

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Or an F hole, which would make him some manner of wooden stringed instrument…


[quote=“htismaqe, post:19, topic:11107, full:true”]some manner of wooden stringed instrument


What an outrage !!!