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Problem with tasks on consoles following the new update

For the new tasks such as winning battles with 3 unique purple troops It doesn’t count battles I fight with 4 and another task that needed me to fight battles with unique beast troops is in negative numbers now for some reason. Will these be fixed anytime soon? I ask this because the update just launched so I’m worried.

  1. It a minor bug you need to win 21 battles.

  2. Make sure you don’t have any duplicate troops in your lineup.

No duplicates. All 4 were unique. all 4 used magic gems

Are you sure that didn’t also start at -1 and your match brought it to zero?

I’m betting that’s is what happened. I also have tasks that are at -1. “Win battles using 3 unique troops from from Adana in your army.” -1/20. “Win battles using 3 unique troops who all use red mana.” -1/20. Use 10 treasure maps. -1/10. My 4th task is winning with Adana’s banner, but otherwise all my tasks have started with -1.

No. When I checked, I was at 0. Then, after my first match that day I was still at zero and other tasks went down to -1.