Can someone fix the daily tasks in the top left corner (Xbox One)

Whether it’s the old versions or the latest patch, those tasks in the top left corner hardly work. Can someone at the dev please check the tasks to ensure they actually work?

Some are mislabeled (Win xxx, it’s actually Win yyy).

Then there’s something like this:

  • Win a battle using 4 troops of the same mana type 0/1
  • Win a battle using 4 troops from the same kingdom 0/1
  • Win a battle using 4 troops of the same race 0/1

So I make a team with 4 boar riders. I win the match. Should be a clean sweep right?


Each task still says 0/1.

It has to be 4 unique troops that match that description. It’s been mentioned in other threads.


All of these tasks require that all troops be unique.


They do work. I thought having 3 identical troops with another mana/ kingdom/ race would suffice. When it didn’t work, the next best thing was to use different troops that share those prerequisites of the same mana/ kingdom/ race instead. Been working ever since. Perhaps, the task needs to clarify by adding unique between the number and troops. New players will misunderstand and mistaken it to be a bug just like @BoarRiderRules had done so.

should add the word unique in the next update to avoid this confusion.

Thanks guys. I’ll adjust my teams to make them unique.