Daily tasks missing infos (PS4)

no info about how many battles you have to win to get the rewards.

sorry for double posting.

noone else having this bug ?

you know what i mean ?

win battles using 3 unique units from … and then for example 0/10
this info 0/10 doesn’t show up.

really annoying.

No, my daily tasks were fine after the update. Everything displayed and counted correctly for me.

I’m on PS4.

On xbox i still got the wrong daily task description

  • Use at least 3 yellow troop and when you click RB it say use at least 3 green troops

  • use troop from drifting sand and when i click RB it say use troop from wild plains

Was this a problem before the update? I haven’t had any issues with daily tasks (aside from occasionally getting the “no troop type” error) in many months.

Yup i reported several time and not fixed yet

I think it’s only the french version bad translation