Daily Tasks-Console 'no troop type'?

I have a daily task on XBox 1 that states “Win battles using 3 unique No Troop Type Troops in your Army.” What troops are No Type Troops? There is not a category for this to sort.

I moved this to support category - sounds like a bug. Have you tried raising a ticket?

(though the daily task will probably go away before the ticket is resolved)

Thanks for the suggestion, I submitted a ticket on this issue. I hate not to complete my daily tasks since they give me resources for completing them. This one is a head scratcher.

If you restart the game it should replace it with a task that can be completed. Has worked for me the few times I ended up with it anyway (on PS4.)


Thanks for the suggestion and it did work. I now have to win battles with 3 knights instead.

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I’m on XBox here and restarting the game does do the same trick.

Though I’m having difficulty figuring out WHEN it randomly decides to change the troop type/ kingdom type for any particular Task, whenever you restart the game.

Hi, I believe that is done right at the end of loading just before you get to the ‘map screen’. There were some bugs causing the game to crash due to tasks being allocated a long while ago and it would always happen at this point. Thankfully that has long gone but I guess we are stuck with the ‘no troop type’ thing until the next update, which is no problem really since it is easily fixed :smile: