Problem with a task

Hi everyone,
I’ve just installed the new patch on Xbox One, and I’m facing my first problem with it.

There’s a task that says “Win a battle using 3 units from the same kingdom” (or something like that, my game isn’t in English), and I can’t figure what to do.

I’ve already tried to win a battle using 3 units from Zaejin, with or without my hero, but it’s still not unlocking.

If someone could help me with this one, that would be really cool.


Were they all difrent troops from that kingdom? If no then try using different units. if yes use all of the same unit.

Thanks for your answer, I’ve just tried both of these solutions, and it didn’t work. :confused:

try using 4 guys from the same kingdom without duplicates.

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That worked with 4 units from the same kingdom, thanks!

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