Daily Console Tasks "using the Hero"

I know the free change of “Hero Class” has already been lowered to once every 24 hours. Just for the sake of being able to use a Hero to try “unique fun Hero teams” for the Daily Console Tasks I would appreciate something else than 50 Gems.

Example: Today I had “Win 15 Battles using Beasts” I would be different to be able to use my Hero as Warden (unheard of I know) and utilize different Hero weapons for a change. The problem is after only 15 battles changing my Hero back to the real workhorse “Mechanist”.

In the end, obviously I just went with Troops (like every day).

PS: If you play on PC/Mobile of course this doesn’t t apply as there are no bite sized daily tasks.

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Have they even fixed the troop type flags on the daily tasks so that your hero would count on these tasks? I’m pretty sure that this was an issue before, but am not 100% certain.

I never even think to try and always use regular troops, but it might be good if I wanted to combine a “use hero weapon” task with a troop-type task, which I had never thought to try to combine before.

As a PC/Mobile Player please allow me to +1 this idea on our behalf!
With the event system we do have, being able to change our Hero to a type would be beneficial and I know that I absolutely dont do it, because of my Mechanist builds.
The 50 gem cost is just too high, imho, to make sense for a game that is supposed to be about ultimately variety in team building.
A hero class should just be a selectable feature in the Troop window, just like his weapon. This way I can have a Hero Assassin build, a Mechanist Bombot build, etc and be able to utilize those teams as I see fit during the day.

Now, lets say I assign a Mechanist Hero class to a Team Slot and THEN decide to change that TEAM slot to a new Hero class, charge me 50 gems. Or I can wait until tomorrow, 24 hour counter, to do it for free. But at least I have 19 other slots where I can just build the new team I was thinking of…

Sorry, didn’t mean to Wall of Text your thread… I just feel very strongly about this and it is definitely NOT just a CONSOLE concern!! :wink:


Yeah its totally just for something different, most like it would not be super efficient, but I think a fun change for the 12 or 15 Daily battles.

Uhh… that’s an excellent point “Hero” has not quite ever been working 100% as intended since I started playing, there always has been something or other not quite right.

I suppose this request is early, Heck it still doesn’t work for " Weekly Events" and I don’t know when those got rolled out on PC. Perhaps I should retitle this AND “Fix Hero Flags” too :wink:

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This. Hadn’t even thought of that. Needing to change more frequently for daily tasks… yeah, that isn’t right at that cost…

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The 50 gem change cost needs to go. I’m sick of having to choose between using sorcerer class with creeping death for pvp, using archer for explore or using the hero class with the troop type bonus for arena. We should be able to change for free or choose a hero class for each team when we are choosing weapons.

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sure but i dont mind console tasks being implemented to pc/mobile along with your hero class change cost tweak suggestion :slight_smile:

a little complicated, what if you take hero off the team (thats for free) and then put it back on, will it have still same calss that you have to “change”?

  • how about just pinning class to a team slot as easily as pinning weapon to team slot - for free with no charges?

  • or option to permamently buy out the “amount of classes used” in same time? so you would have only one class to begin with but could purchase more, lets say for example purchasing 2 extra classes would mean you can set 3 different classes in all your decks at a time: 2 decks with assasin, 4 decks with sorcerer and one deck with archer - something like that, im not sure of the price maybe 100 gems per? or increased price 50gems 100 gems 200 gems the more classes you want the more expensive?

side note: il edit this suggestion in a bit, so stay tuned . finished editing

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This was want I truly wanted. The "complicated’ additional after-thought was me trying to throw a bone to the devs! :wink:

I think this could be a VERY easy implementation that would still provide the devs with an outlet for their premium currency!

Everybody who plays GoW and takes the time to explore on their own, or check forums, will know that the first thing they need to do is save up gems to buy better armor, a permanent change to the game. After that, those gems are used for the best chest to unlock the best troops. I am curious to know how many players are using the 50 gem option to change hero class now, but I wager it is slim to nil. But if they provided another option where premium currency is used to Permanently alter the state of the game then I think that they would see ALOT more exchange.

Here would be my suggested break down:

1 Hero Class: Free
2 Hero Classes: 100 gems
3 Hero Classes: 200 gems
4 Hero Classes: 300 gems
5 Hero Classes: 400 gems

Unlimited Classes: 1500 gems

These purchases must be made in sequence, each purchase unlocks the option to purchase the next. So it costs 1000 gems to be able to have 5 different Hero classes available at all times. And then with an additional drop of 1000 gems (2500 gems total) it removes the restrictions completely!

And for anybody saying that is a lot of gems… well it is, but its also just nominally more than 50 VIP chests. And I can tell you right this moment, I would drop every gem I have to do this!!!

tl;dr @Annaerith is a genius, let’s buy Hero Class unlocks with gems