[Reported] "Brawler" Campaign Task exploit

I kind of hate to report this because it saved me a ton of frustration after some bad PVP matchups and bad Arena rolls, but it is, in fact, a bug (and I got it on video).

What happened was this:

  • One of this week’s Campaign Tasks was bronze “Glory Hound” (collect 5 Glory from PVP).
  • After quickly tiring of (Centaura-goth, Skeleton-Cedric and assorted Beetrix dominated) PVP attempts, I re-rolled the task and got a bronze “Brawler” task (win 6 of any battles).
  • I tried running Arena but somewhere between not liking my team picks, or getting dunked on by some lucky opposing troops, in any case more than 2 times I forfeited the battle and retired the Arena run, even if it was just the 1st battle in. Yes, my patience was THAT low THAT fast (and why I don’t PVP to begin with) .
  • These battles still counted towards the Campaign Task. i.e. the “Brawler” task notification popped when forfeiting a battle (not actually winning it).

Are you VIP level somewhat which starts with 1 Arena won? It counts too I guess


Nope, just VIP level 2. Nowhere near the “1 free arena win” … and even if that were the case you’d think other people would’ve reported it first?

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Well once fights became reliable I didn’t ever bothered even counting the wins for the tasks, just collecting whenever its ready. I reroll the arena everytime I dont get a quick killer troop to make the run as fast as it can be. Its maybe a minute of skips, but it saves much more in a long run.

Even if Brawler came up, it’d be faster to run mid/late game team (like 2x Ironhawk) than to start up an arena and retire. Arena isn’t popular, so I’m not surprised this didn’t get noticed if its a thing.


Thank you for letting us know about this. I’ve reported it to the development team

(hysterical laughing)
… you know Mythic teams being the first suggestion is a meme at this point, right? (it’s not wrong either – running a Lv.1 explore would have absolutely completed it faster – but still)

Anyway, here’s the video for reference – I didn’t get screenshots of the Campaign Task reading “5/6” prior to this footage, but remember how campaign task notifications pop up immediately upon completion and the Arena screen confirms this specific run saw zero victories.

I think my preceding Arena run had 1 victory before I retired it, but that doesn’t seem relevant because if that completed the task then that is when the notification should have popped up (but it didn’t).

Ha, not likely. I will typically re-roll an Arena tasks, and I suspect I’m not the only one :stuck_out_tongue:

Good on you for reporting it though!

The classic Rowanne team is still very fast and easier to put together. Double Ironhawk for explore 1 is the fastest but there are alternatives. But of course you know that.

I don’t think that this is by any means important to fix when we still have actual issues like the graphics bug (that may be fixed with the next update) or the daily offers that were supposed to be changed, or Kris Krinkle not giving maps anymore, or…

note the fact that I said mid/late game, where people should have access to the soul forge already.

I don’t even care what I suggest, its available barring a few troops.