[REPORTED] Campaign - Gladiator achv - number of fights is stacked with previous unfinished arena

a/ I have arena started but not finished.
b/ on week 1 i needed 4 fights to achieve Gladiator task.
c/ on week 2, there is another Gladiator task.
d1/ open the unfinished Arena, do antoher fight a see the Gladiator task for 4 fights is achieved again (it counts 4 fights from week 1 again).
d2/ when you finish the arena completely (just 2 fights for this week + 4 fights from previous week), you can achieve Gladiator task 6 fights in one run with just 2 winning fights in a week.

Is this wanted and expected behaviour?
I find, at least, d1 step as a cheating, I know you actually finished the task “Win 4 games in single arena run”, twice, yet I somehow expected it would be “Win X games in a new single arena run”.

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You are correct. This is how the game behaves. I hope it is not a bug, because then I can play Arena less and still do the campaigns.


I see an arena task and click on the red X immediately.

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My goodness why complain about a good thing. How about if you want to do more arena please do so and let the rest of us benefit from something that’s actually good in a sea of bad.


Hello. Bad design is never a good thing. :wink:
For me, having a good feeling from takin’ an advantage from flaws in design is welcomed during speedruns only :slight_smile:
I like the Gems of war, I honour game’s designers. I find it a right thing to do, to address them about the flaw, people overcome, or as I read, skip at all :slight_smile:
Maybe the solution will be excluding Arena tasks from Campaign completely so we can all save our gems and time.
Or the designers will find more elegant solution.
Thank you for your understanding,

I know plenty folks that pre do their stuff just in case an arena or delve might be in the campaign. They do this to save time. People have other things to do besides gems and being able to almost complete a task before a new campaign comes out is not a bad design. This saves time so it’s a good design. I can let you know of a bad design. How about going from one explore to another and the game freezes so I have no choice but to restart the game. That’s a bad design and is the opposite of saving times. We should make sure to direct the Devs attention to the annoying stuff not something you personally have a problem with. For example I know of not one person that has quit the game because of what you are saying. I personally know of someone that had had enough of the freeze crap and threw in the towel. Most folks hate Arena anyway and that and treasure maps are a total waste of time IMO. Let’s not make folks do more of what they hate.

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Sure. I am on the same boat as you.
No need to start any flame here, as I said, if there is something poorly design, they should exclude or repair it.
Ps: What you are describing is not bad design, but bad implementation / porting.
Believe me, there are two separate group of people we would like to address and let them spend their time on improving the current status of the game.

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Putting it another way. Saying something is a bad design does not make it so. It’s a bad design in your head. Most other folks see no issue with it.

The tragedy?: a Mod decided to tag this as ‘Reported’, instead of tossing a ‘working as intended’ at the playerbase.

Unsurprising though, seeing their tendency to incorporate means to ‘encourage’ players to spend more time in the least popular game modes (without actually improving said game modes).
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#GoWphilosophy #MissedOpportunity

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