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Campaign Bugged or Lazy Devs?

Half the Gold tasks for only the second Campaign have been exactly the same.

Which makes me wonder…

Are the devs being that lazy or is this a bug?
  • Lazy
  • Bug

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It would be hilarious if it was neither and the developers just don’t give a crap.

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This is the Current list of all the possible Gold Tasks


You are on to something there.

Do lazy people tend to care? I feel like it’s semantics to say it’s not that are they are lazy, they just don’t care. 🤷

I always thought laziness is something they have every intention of getting to it but they keep putting it off whereas not caring they have zero motivation to do it and have no intention of ever getting to it.

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If for lazy you mean campaign tasks are just randomly selected by a weekly script, like AB dailies, then yes, they’re lazy.


that’s not being lazy, that’s automation, that’s what scripts are for… so that you dont need to run same boring and repeatable tasks every week (like setting tasks for campaign) :wink:

I don’t mind that the 2nd Gold Task both weeks is 22 PvP opponents. Sure, some players like to get all PvP battles done to Tier 1 the first day of the week. I used to do that as well.

And I don’t mind that the 3rd Silver Task both weeks is 6 Dungeon battles. Sure, some players fight those first thing after reset out of habit.

I would not spend gems to get out of doing a task, and I don’t know how many players would. We don’t have access to rng data, or any data, when it comes down to it. If it profits the company, who are we to complain?

What I do mind, is Unicorns, always prancing about without a care in the world. I shall hunt them, the same as I was hunted last week. Not for their hearts, or their horns, but because I can.


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I heard a rummor there’re plenty of them in Silverglade…

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Are you sure that list is complete? I seem to recall a “Complete 10 Treasure Hunt with 60+ turns” that sparked a bit of controversy and quite thankfully hasn’t rolled up yet.

That’s a list of all tasks that showed up in previous campaign and current campaign so far…
it’s rather low chance that there’s one or two extra tasks, that didn’t show up yet (asumming all tasks have similiar chance to show up).

But there might be new tasks in work/plan that might show up in future (after next path or two). We can never be sure.

Right, just checked again, data mining only showed the 9 gold tasks above. The one requiring 10 Treasure Hunt is actually a silver task we haven’t encountered yet. Apparently they toned down the numbers a bit, so it might be a few less runs once it shows up.

You had me wondering if I mucked up my lists then lol, but nope no Gold Treasure Hunter Tasks thankfully

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Arena Tasks have been updated for 5.2 as Bronze used to be:
and Silver
However with there now being 6 wins for a win then Campaign tasks had to be updated to fit the ‘new’ arena

Yes, the Silver Treasure Hunter hasn’t appeared and I believe that was from the very first list of Tasks and before they went live numbers were (quite substantially) reduced on a number of tasks right across the board 50 PvPs were reduced to 22’s, 10 Explore Runs to 5 so I’m hoping Silver Treasure Hunter would perhaps be around 5 (crying just thinking about it lol)

or even as low as 3… with 5 being Golden Task (if that ever happens)

i’m using number that are used for Mythic boss hunter. seeing as comunity (in general) hates this task, it wouldn’t surprise me if numbers were as low as for mythic hunt (or if gold and silver treasure hunt would never happen at all)

That is actually a pretty good estimate if we look at some of the other Bronze Tasks that require 1 of something: