[To be changed in v6.9] New Kingdom Campaign tasks are broken

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Original task required way too many battles. I know this because the reroll required almost half the battles.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time a new Kingdom is released and new campaign tasks are created it is buggy. The ai can’t be trusted to write code without oversight folks.

Steps to make it happen again


Hey, this is normal, all the gold tasks for every Kingdom require 40 battles with the Kingdom team and the weapon also always had 50 battles for the gold task as well.

Took me 3 minutes to researcher your reply and show that you’re wrong.

If I or another player take the time to submit a bug report. Then it needs to be taken serious and not just a matter of how quickly it can be dismissed as “not a bug”.

Reroll tasks are supposed to take longer than the original task to complete. That should of been the first red flag.


I looked up our internal documentation before answering. I will follow this up as it’s not in line with the Campaign task data I have access to from internal documentation… but your screenshots from in the game are in line with the documentation.

Wasn’t dismissing, did take the time, not sure what’s happened here.

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Sorry for the delayed reply, this will be changed in v6.9

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Any more detailed info/comment on if/when “6.9” will be launched?

Early April or at the end of April? Is the currently public “roadmap” even on track anymore?
Will the currently ongoing Campaign be fully over before or after “6.9” goes live?

Unless I’m having soup brain everything has run on time according to the 2023 Roadmap we published so far? Yes, still on schedule. I don’t have further info to announce at this time.

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