Oversight of Campaign Tasks

I’m aware these tasks aren’t hand selected and instead an AI does all the work. Just like human work, sometimes AI work needs to be checked.

Repeat tasks like above should NEVER happen. But if you can’t check the tasks every week. At the very least check when a new kingdom is released. (2/2 on the tasks being bugged with new kingdoms.)
You charge money for this game mode. Act like it.


Seriously… came to the forum here to make sure there wasn’t a fourth delve after that.


The Silver tasks are the worst of them. If you don’t reroll any of them, you need to log on every day and do 3 dungeons per day (M,T,W,T,F,S) and then finally do the Explore Hellcrag on Saturday after the last 3 dungeons.

Some people don’t do that. I am an addict, so I do. But some other people with stronger willpower don’t.

Also, the second Gold quest to use a Hellcrag team is just downright stupid, given that there is no Hellcrag hero, which means for FORTY BATTLES, I’m playing without my hero. Reroll.


Human response to task: reroll, reroll, reroll like an AI too.

This is bad “AI” design. We saw it with Nexus, as well.

I think what’s happened is that the original task-rolling algorithm was never checked for when new kingdoms launch. Add to that, either there’s some kind of block on certain tasks when a new kingdom launches (eg: the algorithm can’t figure out which creature Type to order killed, which weapon to use, etc – because the kingdom link isn’t in the game files yet), or the devs deliberately went for a different pattern of tasks.

Regardless, I find it impossible to understand why NOTHING in this game is ever revisited and corrected. Can someone please explain?


Is the only solution to re-roll or pay? Geomancer class missing for common task.


I rerolled out of the last delve one. I’ll probably reroll out of the dungeon tasks too. The ones that require multiple days are dumb anyways.


Too much redundancy this week. Would normally reroll, but I think I’ll pass on this week. . .and maybe the next week too. :smirk:

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This is just Infinity/505 showing how mind blowingly brilliant they are.

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Yikes. I’ve let the team know just how bad the repeat tasks are this week.

This stuff has happened in the past when we release a new Kingdom during a Campaign and we had already worked on some code to prevent so many duplicates when we release a new Kingdom. So we’ll look into why that code didn’t prevent it this time.


Can’t be too complicated to put in a restriction for a task so it can only appear once a week and not “repeat”…
And please entirely discontinue such bad tasks that can only be completed through mutliple days, like win 6 dungeon battles, or clear whole adventure board multiple days. Noone asks for such bs ever in any game, so why would you come up with such a thing? Just to trigger and annoy people?
I could continue and beg for a little more variety on when you reroll a task, because the outcome is basically the same every time - every week. sure, varies in color, maybe you get a brawler for once, but seriously…


I know you guys haven’t always got the time to check the beta discord (especially outside of work hours on the weekend) but I always ping the dev team with details in the bug channels and add any campaign issues to the bug spreadsheet too. If there is an issue, it will always be there for you guys a few hours before the start of your working day on your Monday (my Sunday evening)


Also, as far as I remember, the amount of wins you have to get in the gold tasks have been raised a lot: Gold task 1 - win 50 fights using the new banner. 50 fights.

Second gold task - win 40 fights with a HellCrag team - 40 fights.
It is possible to make a full Hellcrag team, but not with a hero on the team.
I rerolled the second gold task and had to defeat 92 blue enemies.


Popped in to just say this: Yess! …and also seriously wtf devs? This is like an unfinished product rushed to market but—oh wait, you’re an established game. Act like it

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Let the slayer/brawler tasks alone for re-roll, those are the best outcome.
When I re-roll a pvp task I do not want to get an arena task or 5 explore run in Adana.
These task can be done as a side effect of normal play.

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Or you can wait till Thursday and do the task in the class event.

It’s scheduled as a weekend class event so no class event Thursday. This tripped me up too as I initially put the wrong info on my first draft of the Campaign guide on Sunday.

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As Hawk said above, no you have to wait till Friday, if you want to use your hero.

I for one will not wait to finish a Campaign Friday or do 40 battles without my hero. No way.

Reroll - thank you for that

As awran notes: this is also a soft problem in that this terrible set of tasks went to production without anyone in dev eyeballing it for “huh, lots of repeats, that’s not good”.


Sorry we missed it, probably my fault.

We’re currently sorting out wrapping up this current beta and getting ready for the 6.5 beta so I think a gap was created in who was handling it.

We’re going to be reviewing how the beta is run again and looking at how other games are doing it to try to get some good ideas. You’ll probably have Jeto asking you all for beta program feedback in the beta discord as well over the next few weeks.

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What’s funny to me about the campaign tasks in general just how similar they are to the old daily quests before the new Adventure board was added.

The old system, if I recall correctly, was replaced because it was full of bogus tasks everyone hated and never wanted to do.

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