[Fixed from Vulpacea Campaign] (Switch) Hellcrag Campaign Tasks bugged AGAIN

Platform: Switch, v6.8

Description: Back when Hellcrag originally debuted on PC, the weekly campaign tasks were notoriously bugged.

Now that it’s arrived on Switch, the weekly campaign tasks are … EXACTLY THE SAME bugged tasks!?

Okay, okay. I can understand the desire to keep the content schedule the same between platforms, but there’s a line to draw between content parity and actual bugs, and this seems to fall on the wrong side of that line. (and FWIW, maybe this is part of the motivation for overhauling the Campaign Task system entirely for v6.9? This is at least the fourth overall incident – twice on two platforms – of bad Campaign Tasks)

The only consolation is the numerical requirements were reduced compared to Hellcrag’s original PC launch (especially Dungeon Master, which is time-gated) and we can always just re-roll tasks. But we shouldn’t need to be constantly re-rolling tasks to begin with, right?

The list of tasks this week (errors in bold, differences from PC in italics) is:

Gold Tasks
1 - Banner Bearer (win 15 battles with Hellcrag Banner - originally 45 on PC)
2 - Hellcrag Champion (win 15 battles with Hellcrag Troops - originally 45 on PC)

Silver Tasks
1 - Dungeon Lord (Win 3 Dungeon Battles - originally 6 on PC)
2 - Dungeon Lord
3 - Dungeon Lord
4 - Intrepid Explorer (win 2 Hellcrag Explore Runs at 6 or higher - originally 5 runs on PC)

Bronze Tasks
1 - Relic Master (win 3 battles with a Relic Weapon - originally 5 on PC)
2 - Deep Delver (Complete 1 Delve at Lv.70 or higher)
3 - Deep Delver
4 - Soul Grinder (earn 40 Souls from battles - originally 80 on PC)
5 - Deep Delver
6 - Red Recruits (Craft 1 Red Summoning Stone)
7 - Brown Slayer (Kill 10 Brown Enemies - originally 12 on PC)
8 - Red Recruits
9 - Hunting Infernus (kill Infernus 1 time - originally 2 on PC)
10 - [Class] Hero (win 3 battles with [unreleased] Hero Class - originally 5 on PC)

Additionally, the Hero Class is not available yet (it’ll probably be the upcoming weekend event) but at least it is the final Bronze task which minimizes the urgency to reroll/skip the task.

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Here we are two weeks later … Hellcrag weekly Raid Boss, and the first 3 Bronze tasks are ALL “Dungeon Lord”:

(As before, duplicates in bold and differences from PC in italics):


  • Hellcrag Champion (Geomancer class, 15 battles – originally 50 on PC )
  • Brown Slayer (kill 45 Brown enemies - originally 120 on PC)


  • Red Recruits (2 Summoning Stones - originally 3 on PC)
  • Adventure Board (2 days - originally 3 on PC)
  • Hunting infernus (kill Infernus 2 times - originally: 10 on PC)
  • Relic Master (use a Relic weapon 10 times - originally 25 on PC)


  • Dungeon Lord (2 bosses - originally 3 on PC)
  • Dungeon Lord
  • Dungeon Lord
  • Soul Grinder (earn 40 Souls - originally: 80 on PC)
  • Gladiator (win 3 battles in an Arena run)
  • Guard Captain (3 Event Chests)
  • Hellcrag Champion (Hellcrag team, 3 battles)
  • Construct Bane (kill 7 Construct enemies)
  • Grave Keeper (match 60 Skulls)
  • Intrepid Explorer (Explore Hellcrag at L8+)

Note that tasks 5-10 differ from PC, which was originally:

  • Skull Master (Match 100 Skulls)
  • Intrepid Explorer (Explore Hellcrag at L8)
  • Gladiator (win 4 battles in an Arena run)
  • Guard Captain (open 2 Event Chests)
  • Petrified Banner (Hellcrag Banner, 5 battles)
  • Intrepid Explorer

But, on the bright side:

  • Duplicates aren’t quite so bad as when Hellcrag released
  • Lower quotas than originally (Dungeon tasks total 6 bosses compared to 9 – completable in two days instead of 3)
  • One less “Intrepid Explorer” task than PC

300 Gems were still harmed to document this list, but at least that reflects the corrected Skip costs (otherwise it could have been 1400 Gems … “thanks”, v6.9.0!).

Also, is it just me or does Infernus seem like a “placeholder” Mythic?


With reroll option removed, this is bad gem extortion for many early/mid-game players. Very annoying. With more weeks to come, 300 gems is definitely inadequate compensation for their blunder.

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Remember we also got a free +300 Gems (equal to 2-6 skips) alongside the 6.9 update.

If a player hasn’t unlocked Hellcrag yet then these tasks are obviously impossible:

  • Gold 1 (Geomancer class)
  • Bronze 7 (Hellcrag Team)
  • Bronze 10 (Explore Hellcrag)
  • Total: 250 Gems to skip

Which isn’t nice, sure – but it’s also no worse than when Campaigns debuted to begin with.

And just to toss an IMHO, Campaigns are designed for players who have finished (or at least unlocked) all extant kingdoms already.

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Silver 3 - where is Infernus?
Silver 2 - extremely annoying, if not impossible, if they continue to have Legendary battles on adventure board. (I don’t mind Legendary battles, as long as they don’t force me to complete the full 4 to score a campaign task.)
Bronze 10 - You probably forgot what it was like to be an early/mid-game player.

300 gems /per week/ might cut it for me. Donno about lower level players.

And just to toss an IMHO, Campaigns are designed for players who have finished (or at least unlocked) all extant kingdoms already.

That is inaccurate. The before-rerolling Campaign tasks are designed for such players. For others rerolling was supposed to be a given - evident from the type of missions we get from rerolling. Thus in total, Campaigns are designed for all players who have unlocked them through the adventurer path. The current situation is broken.

Did they lock out your “unintended” players from paying for the elite campaign?

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Mythic Boss battle in Explore runs of literally the first kingdom of the game?

Yes, and they should have delayed the Switch update for a month to let the current Campaign finish up before changing the model.


Mythic boss twice? Isn’t that very annoying? One will have to be forced to commit two mythic boss battles there, rather than being able to chase his needed arcane traitstones

Is it the 100% only one boss there, or is it shared 50% with Amarok? The first time I ran into a legendary boss chase task, it kept giving me other guys, I got dismayed and rerolled. I have always rerolled any chase tasks ever since.

Yes. Yes it is.

Sure, it’s easier if the Mythic appears in the weekly World Event (from the start, or at routine intervals) but that’s not always the case. I remember trying to grind a Campaign Task once for “hunting Queen Aurora” (a Silverglade Mythic). After two full grinds (not at max Explore level) led to Boss battles against NOT Queen Aurora, I gave up and skipped the task. (Which was before rerolls were even added.) The World Event battles for that week weren’t even related to Silverglade, either!

The three dungeon tasks are absurd. In 2 weeks we will be dealing with the same mess, unable to reroll any dungeon task.

Hey all, this is a known issue that is fixed from the next Campaign onwards (Vulpacea).

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Wait, isn’t the order presumably Prismatic Key, Dragon’s Totem then Vulpacea?

Still, it will be an … “interesting” time as Switch will be running those campaigns with the 6.9 milestone/task system instead of legacy tasks (as it was on PC).

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Sorry I had a brain fart.
So this issue occurs only when a new Kingdom is released during a Campaign.
So it’s fixed for the Campaign when the next Kingdom is released.


PAIN, PAIN, 100 gems down the drain.
At this rate, how can 300 gems be enough compensation? What are they smoking?

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Small tip for finding the correct mythic in explore:
If you have enough mythstones to encounter the mythic battle, check which team you would be fighting (VIP3 or by spending some gold).
If it’s the wrong one DON’T start the battle. Exit the game to the main menu (start, account, switch accounts) and restart.
You’ll still have the 100+ mythstones as before, but the game rerolls the enemy team so chances are they’re to get the correct mythic this time. If not, restart again.


Thanks for the tip. Luckily, I have not yet actually paid for the skip. Knowing that I can guarantee the correct boss, at least the grind is tolerable.

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I feel ya, that’s why I always tried to have 150 “spare” Gems on hand before rerolls were a thing. Hunting Queen Aurora but only seeming to find Will of Nysha…

However, the fact that the Skip costs were fixed serverside implies something interesting: did they really need to remove the Reroll option from the client, or could they have configured that serverside too (at least for 6.9.0, to be deprecated and removed in a future client version once the Switch is using proper 6.9 campaign tasks) ? Some of the decisions of what gets hardwired into the client version are … puzzling.

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Okay, now that our campaign is wrapping up with a final Hellcrag week, I’m once again paying close attention to the Campaign Tasks.

Unfortunately I did not screenshot all tasks this week (unlike previously) but the good news is that the tasks are much better, very few duplicates and nothing troublesome – “Guard Captain (2 Event Chests)” and “Treasure Hunter (1x)”, both appeared twice in Bronze tasks but that is all.

(incomplete) list of tasks this week


  • Geomancer Hero (15 battles)
  • Relic Master (15 battles)


  • Match Skulls (200)
  • Adventure Board (2 days)
  • Soul Grinder (200)
  • Gladiator (5 arena battles)


  • Red Recruits (1x Red Summoning Stone)
  • Undead Bane (7 enemies)
  • Treasure Hunter (1x)
  • Guard Captain (2 event chests)
  • Guard Captain (2 event chests)
  • Intrepid Explorer (Hellcrag, Lv.10)
  • Treasure Hunter (1x)
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Its true on Switch!!

In the end, I spent 250/300 gems to skip bad tasks. Hence personally I’m not complaining, except that some tasks were really a hassle, even though I could complete them. (In retrospect, I should probably have saved the 100 gems for rerolling two of the last bronze tasks, since the rewards were not quite worth it.)

It’s probably a good thing to cosmetically remove the arsehole tasks from the UI (they could always be functionally removed by rerolling) via the rework, though it is not a good thing at all to handle the current season the way they did.