Campaign Begins: Window of Spirits

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New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today. Visit Scarlett in Maugrim Woods to hear a warning from a strange Fox. New Heroic Gem: Spirit Gem During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles – the Spirit Gem. Spirit Gems when matched with their color or…


I know it’s clear from the picture, but you should mention clearly that Spirit Gem can be matched with Blue Gem.

I was confused, and thought it come in all colors for a moment, and you didn’t just show all their variant. :see_no_evil:


There are still graphic problem on that photo mode. Cant see description troops neither traits on background like that or Urskaya and so on.

You should try different ways to show art and descriptive text

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These new gems are utterly awful!

I’ve just spent 2 weeks deliberately avoiding Dementicore and Pandaska Mage battles in Lunar Revel because they drain mana, and now I have to deal with this nonsense in every single battle?!

Thank you for another slap in the face.

@Jeto, @Nimhain - I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time: The entire attraction of this game is in overcoming randomness with skill. Every time you increase the randomness, it undermines every player’s satisfaction, as it devalues our skill in building teams and playing boards. Please stop doing it!


Yeah, I’m going to put another vote for sod this gem here. It’s as bad as wish gems (almost as bad as lycanthropy) in my view.

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Here are the skill ups for this campaign. Sorry, nothing to write home about. Pretty standard.

Campaign 13 Artifact Skill Ups (Jan 30 - Apr 09, 2023)
================= (Spirit Gems)
Level 1 - +5 Life
Level 2 - +3 Attack
Level 3 - +2 Magic
Level 4 - +5 Life
Level 5 - +3 Attack
Level 6 - +5 Life
Level 7 - +5 Shield
Level 8 - +3 Attack
Level 9 - +5 Shield
Level 10 - +2 Magic
TOTALS: +15 Life; +9 Attack; +10 Shield; +4 Magic


Does this mean “all Enemies”?
(As a quick comparison, Manticore Protector drains 2 Mana from all enemies when casting.)

Yep. All enemies get drained. It sucks.

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Campaign mythic King of Ravens is available.
What about the campaign Tarot The High Priestess ?

@ALP they announced high priestess availability a month ago, and I found it as a prove




Thank you. To much to follow =)

So i spent about 12k Glory, Gem and Guild keys today and didnt get a single Vulphinne Hunter. How is that even possible??? I managed to get 6 Mythics that I had, which is great, but no a single what is it Epic troop? Something has to be wrong

Vulpphire Hunter is a base Legendary, not a base Epic. You’re also looking at a very diluted pool to find one specific troop these days.

It’s poor luck with the RNG, to be sure. I won’t even try to figure out what the odds “should be” based on your spending, but it’s probably not anywhere near as high as you’d wish it to be. Even if you’re spending Guild keys in a fashion where they’re equivalent to Gem keys because your guild has farmed 40k seals. (If they haven’t, Guild keys are worth a lot less.)

Pick specific legendary is like pick specific myth, but easier. The chance for legendary is 1% for example? And there is more than 100 legendary so specific one is less than 0.01%

Easy, let’s crunch some math. There are over 100 Legendaries that can drop from chests (rough Switch estimate: 123 such Troops, after excluding The Vault, Faction Legendaries, and Tarot troops) so you have to divide the base 0.5% drop rate by the size of the eligible Legendary pool, and you get:

  • 12k Glory Keys (“K”) * (0.5%/123) drop rate (“D”) = 100% - (100%-D)^K
  • = 38% cumulative probability of at least 1 success
  • aka. roughly 61% chance of NOT receiving a specific Legendary drop.

Since you didn’t specify any specific distribution of keys per chest type, consider this a “worst-case scenario”. Meanwhile, the drop rate from Gem Chests is 4x that of a Glory chest, so if you spent 12,000 Gem Keys you would have about a 14% chance of NOT receiving a specific Legendary troop.

So yeah, feels bad but it’s not unheard of.

It was about 4k Gem keys, 7k Glory Keys, 3 VIP keys and the rest in Guild Seals

12k Keys and you got 6 mythics…what are you complaining about?

Typical bad rng for this game. I was lucky and pulled in in 1k glory keys. However, it took me 350 VKs to pull the Wheel and I’m sure I pulled 25 or more Cedrics doing it thanks to the devs continually not fixing the Cedric odds in the drop pool.