Campaign Begins: The Prismatic Key

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New Campaign Begins A brand new Campaign begins today. Investigate, alongside Keghammer, a brand new type of Giant that has mysteriously appeared in Krystara. New Heroic Gem: Giant Gems During this Campaign, we have a new Heroic Gem that players may encounter in puzzle battles – the Giant Gem. Giant Gems when matched with their…


I think there might be something missing here, what tasks is the second paragraph referring to?

Happy to see some dragonite in the rewards :slight_smile:


As for the giant gems: Not the most annoying thing you ever thought of. I’ll take it as a win.

While looking at all the possible rewards throughout the 10 weeks I nearly drowned in Dragonite. Uiuiui. Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate that some Dragonite got added, but tbh, that change compared to the overall Dragonite needed is so slim noone playing daily dungeon or buying daily Dragonite will even notice it. Thanks anyway, but hiding most of it behind elite+ is a shady move. Carrot and stick?

About the reduction of efforts needed for certain tasks, I’m curious if the called %ages will indeed work correct and also which tasks are even affected. Hopefully we have data from previous campaign(s) to compare if everything is working as announced. Lets be hopeful.

The Prismatic Key Campaign Rewards & Skills


Yeah I’m on it, will just take a little bit for the bot and the graphics to reflect this due to work commitments today


So who have won the “Design the most stupidest troop” contest this time.
Creating uber doom skulls when taking skull dmg trait?! So the enemy can beat me more with even better skulls. Gratz!! lol



I said the same thing in our chat.

How about creating doomskulls when I do skull damage. Not take…

Whose idea was that?

Please say it’s an error in the trait description.

Well, there’s precedent for that :sweat_smile:

The ‘fragment’ traits create mana potions when your troop takes skull damage. Living Quartz and Frozen Shieldbreaker. It’s what happens when you refuse to consider community input.

But we get some dragonite and cursed runes at least.

And yay for lower requirements for tasks. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

But that troop though… Either goes in the trash fully upgraded - for the kingdom stars - or will be a mythic with only two traits. :roll_eyes:

No matter how that trait is done, it’s BAD. Create 2 uber doomskulls when I take skull damage = if the enemy matches 4 skulls, they now have 2 uber doomskulls to match on the board.

If it’s reversed and you create 2 uber doomskulls when you deal skull damae = if you DON’T match 4+, you give the enemy 2 uber doomskulls for their turn.

Really bad.


Yeah, okay… You’re right. :sweat_smile:

Yep i bought elite + pass again and i will enjoy unlocking it all :fireworks:

I added them up (approximately, skipping traitstones and underworld treasures and no doubt including some mistakes)

Free tier rewards:

3 Books of Deeds
40 Dragonite
360 Writs
80 Chaos Shards
12 Epic Ingot
1200 Shards
4 Event Keys
3850 Souls
180 Jewels
1400 Glory
16 White Pet Food
17500 Gold
16 Treasure Maps

Elite Pass Rewards:

120,000 Gold
1000 Glory
180 Gems
3000 Souls
375 Common Ingots
75 Rare Ingots
15 Ultra-rare Ingot
3 Epic Ingots
50 Dragonite
2000 Shards
80 Green Pet Food
50 White Pet Food
2 Imperial Deeds
16 Gem Keys
60 Gold Keys
8 Event Keys
20 Glory Keys
3 Books of Deeds
12 Gard Tokens
9 Yasmine Tokens
6 Orpheus Tokens
5 Aranea Tokens
100 Chaos Shards
20 Cursed Runes

Portrait x2
Tarot Card
Mythic Troop

Elite+ Pass Rewards:

60000 Gold
100 Dragonite
300 Gems
3000 Souls
50 Cursed Runes
2 Epic Vault Keys
30 Gem Keys
16 Event Keys
40 Glory Keys
1 Orb of Power


Definitely appreciate the reduced campaign tasks. It was getting way too busy.

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Since when does campaign award only +2 magic boost? Week 10 now gives +5 armour instead of +2 magic?!?!

Each campaign gives different stat boosts at different weeks, just like how each campaign has different kingdom weeks. In one campaign you may get an armor boost in the first week where as another campaign gives attack boost.


Thanks. I never paid super close attention. I just know we have usually always got at least +4 magic by the end of campaign.

Strength is available in Vault.