[Not a Bug, but still not workin as intended] Different (false?) campaign tasks on Switch



  • Win 22 Battles with Karakoth Banner
  • Win 22 battles with Books


  • 6 Dungeon Battles (Reroll 77 Red Enemies)
  • Kill 30 Constructs
  • 3 purple Summoning Stones
  • Kill Zuul 3x


  • Win 4x with Sorcerer Class
  • Open 5 Gem Chests (Reroll 13 Blue Enemies)
  • Kill 1 Gnome
  • Win 4x with Karakoth Team
  • Win 1 Delve 80
  • Collect 80 Souls
  • Kill 13 purple Enemies
  • Open 2 Event Chests
  • 4 Arena Battles
  • 1x Explore 7 in Karakoth

Since last week (Wild Magic: Chapter 6) the campaign tasks differ from the ones from the other platforms. Before they always were the same. Compare the list above with the actual outcome (Campaign 7)

Not that it matters much, but it would be interesting to know, why you changed it and if it’s revertable for the upcoming tasks.
Besides the necessary “amount” for every task hasn’t been decreased like on the other platforms.

Just making sure, you mean they differ from the tasks the other platforms got about a year ago at the same point in the campaign?

So far they have been always the same, but since last week (since patch 6.5 (sus :stuck_out_tongue: ) they differ.

With the start of the new campaign last week, they adjusted the tasks to lower some of the requirements. Maybe that’s why they don’t recycle old tasks anymore.

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At least it’s not rife with duplicates like last week’s tasks were. There was NO way I was going to hunt 10 Aquaticus…

(Also, does Zuul’Goth even appear as a Karakoth Mythic Explore Boss, or am I thinking of the raid version again?)


I’ve looked into this with the development team and these changes to the Campaign Tasks on Switch were decided to be released early, instead of waiting for them to be implemented when update 6.5 would be released on Nintendo Switch :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human

And why didn’t you made an accurate adaption in term of the requirements? They are still as high as they were before.
It seems like there was no “decision” to be released early but have to go with it anyways coz of lack of proper testing/looking into it.
So I assume Switch users have to deal with remaining “high requirements” till… when?

Which requirements are “high” and how?

All task requirements (besides those on Switch) have been reduced 2 weeks ago (6.5 patch).

The amount of troops of a certain type/color to be killed, fights to be won with certain class/team/weapon, the amount of gem matches and so on.

Switch players now have to deal with changed taks (compared to like they were on the other platforms 9 months ago) but still with high requirements.

Look up here for more details:

Still no explanation to this