Oversight of Campaign Tasks

@Kafka We have problems with tomorrows Campiagn Tasks again (3 lots of Dungeons again and defeat Tourmaline which won’t be in game until Friday) . Tagging you here in case with the chaos of the Kingdom Battlecrasher bug, you don’t get to see beta where I’ve tagged the Mods


I got infernus 10x task instead of tourmaline, still will re-roll it but interesting


Thank you for the update. Looks like devs noticed my mad pings everywhere and adjusted the tasks. Could you remember the first 3 bronze tasks by any chance?

All three were win Dungeon battles.

:woman_facepalming:t4: Thank you :pensive: I was hoping they changed that too

Hey all,

Just an update here, I was following this throughout the day (appreciate all of @Hawx pings), just waiting for some more questions to be answered in regards to this weeks duplicate tasks!

Tourmaline was grabbed pretty quickly but I have asked about the duplicate Dungeon Lord tasks.

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You could saved Hawx a lot of angst if you’d just responded immediately to any one of her pings. Just sayin’…


So, what about the quantity? Killing a specific mythic 10 times is excessive, even for a gold tasks, and this is a silver one. Was this actually supposed to be an entirely different task, like playing 10 battles with the Hellcrag banner?


To me it seems, there is not only something wrong with repetitive tasks during weeks, when a kingdom is kingdom of the week multiple times during one campaign. Also some quantities are strange, first gold task today with 50 battles with Geomancer class is another example. Or is this intended to force players into using the new stuff (class, banner, units) from the new kingdom for longer time?


I’ll answer your question. The issue was ignored. :person_shrugging:


Ever since Hellcrag was released the campaign tasks have been crazy:

  • Repeating tasks
  • Extremely many won fights needed to complete the gold tasks.
  • Kill Infernus 10 times as a Silver task and in a Raid Boss week

This week

2 weeks ago.

@Hawx, please let me know if I should remove the images above, as they are from your fantastic guides.


You are absolutely fine, they are there to be shared so no problem at all.

I’ve posted a bit more about these campaign tasks being overlooked or perhaps… Un-looked at would be a better phrasing over on this thread if anyone is looking for clarification on the tasks and the amounts required


Quick question: do we know how re-rolls are determined?

Switch is currently on Campaign 7 (Talisman of Wild Magic) Week 2 (Pridelands) and the first Gold task was “Hunt Behemoth 5 times”, but upon re-roll I received a Gold task of “Kill 92 Brown Enemies” and I’m starting to question if that should be considered a “normal” amount?

Admittedly I don’t pay THAT close attention to campaign tasks, but…

I did see dear @Hawx.

But I was hoping maybe to increase attention to this, by also posting. Your post is much more clear and detailed - and as always spot on :star_struck:

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Here’s the list of possible tasks you can get from rerolls. Hopefully the amount of battles helps with your question but generally yes, the reroll is more battles but achievable today rather than being time gated

Created with the bot. Use /reroll_tasks

Note, the Adana ones I haven’t seen for a long time, so may need to remove them. Can anyone confirm?


Not a confirmation per se, but haven’t seen them in a while either (good riddance)
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I wonder why there’s two flavors for each task, with the quantity always being two apart. Not that it matters much but it looks suspiciously like somebody forgot to clean up after a rework.

There also seem two flavors for the regular silver adventure board task, one that takes two days to complete and one that takes three days to complete. The latter one was likely supposed to be a gold task instead, silver tasks are time restricted by at most two days.


Sorry for the delayed reply, 2/3 of CX was out sick last week.

The numbers for the re-rolled tasks look odd to me too, I’ll ask the team about it.

I’ve also added this past week’s repeated tasks to the bug report.

We actually did have code to prevent this after it was reported when Nexus was released so the team need to look into why it’s occurring again now that Hellcrag was released.

I made sure there’s no duplicate Tasks in this coming week as well.


I reroll 90% of tasks every week and haven’t seen an explore task appear in a very long time.

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Rerolled Tasks

My tracking indicates the Adana Explore tasks were removed in v6.2, and I haven’t seen the PvP tasks since v6.2 or 6.3 (not sure which).

To summarise Hawx’ post, the rerolled tasks are either to kill a certain number of enemies of a specific colour, to kill any colour enemies, or to win a certain number of battles. The number varies with task grade (Gold, Silver, Bronze), and is either the base amount or two more than the base amount.

The base amounts are:

  • Colour Slayer: G=90, S=75, B=25
  • Slayer (any colour): G=120, S=100, B=35
  • Brawler (win battles): G=30, S=25, B=10

So what’s been unusual recently is not the rerolls, but rather that the normal tasks have asked for as much as double the standard number of kills, which pushes the counts above the rerolls. That kind of breaks the logic for rerolls.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile: