Oversight of Campaign Tasks

I think I’ve encountered that task only once ever so the fact that it specified “Adana Kingdom” did not feel important. I did however appreciate that it was “win # Explore Battles” and not the usual “win # Explore Runs”. It’s like the difference between Adventure Board and Boss tasks: the former counts the board as a whole (i.e. you can do all but one battle on the board before the task pops up, then finish it quickly) while the latter counts each battle individually (so if it pops up between boss battles then that’s +1 day of time to finish).

@Kafka :grimacing: it’s Hellcrag week again tomorrow and there are duplicated tasks again. I’ve dm’d you with the details and posted on the beta discord too. I know it’s not major high priority with rerolls being available but with it being Guild Wars week, players will be keen to get the campaign boxed off on Monday.

Thank you


Thanks @Hawx, unfortunately the team weren’t able to change the tasks before weekly reset today.

I’ve made a note of the duplicate tasks in the bug we have for this to keep track of it.

So this week expect the following Bronze duplicates:

  • 2x Win 5 battles with a Relic Weapon (non-consecutive)
  • 2x Defeat 12 Brown Troops (consecutive)
  • 3x Complete 1 Adventure Board (non-consecutive)

I’m very sorry we weren’t able to manually correct these in time.

Also could I please get feedback specifically about how frustrating it is to get duplicate Adventure Board Tasks? I’d like to include feedback about this one specifically in our report to keep it as detailed as possible.


It really depends on the task.

My personal opinion, on a scale from 1 to 10

3 - a little but it’s okay (because it’s only 5 wins each)

1 - don’t mind (it’s low and fairly quick)

10 - extremely annoying (without reroll that would be 3 days - have to reroll twice which will likely lead to a lot of needed kills/grinding /extra battles)


Obviously every task that stretches over multiple days (f.e. win 6 dungeon battles, complete adventure board x times…) or also recurring tasks are crap.
It blocks multiple days in the worst case without you having the chance of further progress.

Sure, you can reroll to get - most likely - another shit task that needs an awful lot of games to finish or you just have to pay the gems to skip…

It is also part of us players not wanting to be “blocked”. If someone wants to play through the whole legends reborn event in one day so just let them. Same with kingdom pass. And obviously the same thing “here” with some tasks. No task should stretch through multiple days.

But if feedback gets reported further - could we please also overwork some ridiculously workloaded tasks that can occur after rerolling?


It’s a time gate that prevents the weekly bonus stats of the artifact to become active. That’s especially annoying during Guild Wars weeks, even more so because it’s +2 magic this time.


As the others have said, duplicate time gated tasks are a 10/10 on the annoyance scale because you really will need to reroll thus increasing the amount of time spent on the tasks if you want to get the campaign boxed off in 1 day to get the most from the artifact stats


Yeah you all only had 9 weeks or countless weeks to run a sim before the event went live. But I get it. Y’all are powerless to your own AI and couldn’t do anything until the RNG selected the tasks.

Perhaps make the campaign pass plus option free until someone cares enough to actually make the campaign tasks not a buggy mess when new kingdoms are released. So far y’all are 0-2.


Medusa is a Mythic troop. Gold level tasks require to find 5 Mythic troops. Bronze tasks require 1 Mythic troop. So Silver Tasks required 10 times? Mind you, that’s at least 11 explore runs on Difficulty 12 and being lucky enough to have it be the only Mythic pop up 11 consecutive times if utilizing Explore to complete this task. Therefore at least 45 minutes invested into this one task.

At this point there’s no evidence that leads me to believe the one in charge of tasks knows anything about Gems of War. Therefore my feedback is spoon fed.


To be fair, it’s sort of an edge case this week. Every world event battle contains Medusa, so this task is pretty trivial to complete. Either the one who put it there knew quite a bit about GoW or got really lucky, I guess the next weeks will tell.


Well given last Hellcrag had 10 x Infernus on silver…


Kafka already admitted that no one on the staff knew anything about the tasks prior to last night. So that fact is purely coincidental. Not intended at all.

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Why don’t they set the tasks up instead of randomize them?
They should do so since the randomizer doesn’t work as intended imo

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You might as well ask why they don’t fix the broken tasks, after all they got informed about the issue well ahead. They had a whole work day to correct the mess prior to going live, and they once again decided to just dump it on the players as is, for the third time in a row for Hellcrag. In case you are still wondering, I believe the answer to your question is a mix of “not my job”, “can’t be bothered” and “won’t change my pay”, possibly an attitude shared by at least half the company.


Well, years ago we asked them to pre-generate the tasks for the entire campaign and spend all of one minute to go over them. But nay!



I think this should say “duplicate Campaign tasks”?

For my part: now that we have rerolling, bad Campaign tasks – multiday tasks, mythic hunts, duplicates – are less of an annoyance as I can always re-roll them and the re-rolled task now seems to always be a “slayer” task that I’ll mop up in normal PvP/explore play.

The main objection I have to duplicates are that they just feel shoddy; when you finish a task and the same one pops up again it feels like, oh, come on, did nobody test this?

(And that’s the major objection in this thread: that they’re spat out by an RNG and that nobody human is in the loop to check that the generated tasks are sensible.)

As an aside: the multi-day tasks in particular are a bit weird. I feel it’s always been a bit unclear whether the Campaign truly is a week-long event? It’s scheduled for a week, and multi-day tasks do feel like an attempt at time-gating. But it’s in players best interest to finish it as soon as possible for the stats bonus, and re-rolling trivially breaks the time-gating; so as Hawx says players are going to box-rush it on Monday and it’s … kinda irrelevant for the rest of the week?


Basically the first thing I usually do is the Adventure Board, so if I happen to complete the Board and finish a (e.g. Bronze level) campaign task in the process and the new task is the Adventure Board, I am completely locked out of that task until tomorrow. This can be frustrating if it occurs close to the weekly reset, but it’s also frustrating to see early on (e.g. if it’s literally task 1 for the week then I may have to re-roll/skip it). It is generally desirable to do as as many campaign tasks as quickly in the week as possible, to make the remaining tasks throughout the week easier.

There is a small workaround, however – because the task only counts the board as a whole, I can do all but one of the Adventure Board battles, then if that task pops up complete the board with the task active. (Which cannot be said for the Dungeon Battles task, as it counts each boss individually.)

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I’m totally aware of their “awareness”. :face_exhaling:

Ah, I see what Kafka was asking now: specifically about multiple Adventure Board tasks in the Campaign. Yeah, these fall under the “time-gatey nonsense” category: if you don’t re-roll it, an repeated AB task blocks out progress until the next day (or the next several days, if it’s a multiday AB task) and that’s annoying; although reroll is a mitigation for this. And there’s also the “wait, didn’t I already do an AB task?” shoddiness to the repeats.

Schedule this thing in a specific order for bronze rarity tasks!!!

Bronze 1: Complete Adventure Board
Bronze 2: Complete all Dungeon battles
Bronze 3: Complete 1 Arena run
Bronze 4: Finish 1 Explore in kingdom X at level 2 (always 2!!!)
Bronze 5: Complete 1 Delve
Bronze 6: Win 4 PvP battles
Bronze 7: Kill 3 mythic enemies (would be awesome to allow different myth of the kingdom if possible)
Bronze 8: Win 5 battles with team of one type
Bronze 9: Open 2 Event Chests
Bronze 10: Craft 1 Summoning Stone
Bronze 11: Complete ONE Treasure Hunt (this works as a place holder and will occur every time a player skips a task)

Random order for silver rarity tasks!!!
Choose 4 at random:

Silver 1: Win 10 Battles with class X
Silver 2: Win 10 Battles with weapon type X
Silver 3: Win 10 Battles with banner X
Silver 4: Combine 300 gems of a specific color
Silver 5: Defeat 10 legendary enemies (would be awesome to allow different legendaries of the kingdom if possible)

Random Order for gold rarity tasks!!!
Choose 2 at random:

Gold 1: Defeat 75 Enemies of a specific color (Campagne related)
Gold 2: Defeat 75 Enemies of a specific type (Campagne related)
Gold 3: Gather 10.000 Gold and 300 Souls (maybe that one can be replaced by something else (**NO TREASURE HUNT!!!) :stuck_out_tongue: )

Some numbers can be adjusted but every campagne should almost look like this.
If people want to have more variation, add a button which shuffles the remaining tasks in their category. I gurantee you, most people will love it.

If you set it like this, you will receive the followin:
No issues anymore. No bugs anymore. No raging community anymore.

Thx for letting me do your job. Next time I want to be paid :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: The benefits for players are that they are able to use/create new different teams and complete different task rarities at the same time.