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Does that mean that we can assume the cause for the battlecrashers issue continues to be unresolved, and therefore it might arise again in the future?
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I’ve totalled 6 BCs today in 200 explore 12 fights and given up. Medal tally is the only positive from this experience.

It is not included with this hotfix, as mentioned was just including it as it was also a critical issue this week. Battlecrashers interacting with a Vault weekend will be resolved in a future update :sparkles:

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Any chance the campaign task generator is part of them? There’s another Hellcrag week coming up, a bit more task variety (especially in regards to Dungeon runs) would be appreciated. It’s a server side issue, so it doesn’t have to be tied to the client hotfix.


@Jeto as well as the random increase in amount of battles needed to complete tasks

  • Geomancer needing 50 battles to complete the gold task.

  • Find 10 Infernus troops silver task.

(Just to name a few.)

I’m aware that global inflation is happening. But I can’t imagine Campaign Tasks needed to be inflated as well.

The reroll tasks feature is a great way to get around these bugs. But shouldn’t be used a crutch for the devs not to have a paid feature of the game not work right.


:rofl: I love this lol!

But AWR is spot on the money. Since campaigns began, I’ve tracked and logged every task. Here’s some historical campaign guides to back up the queries

Gold hunting [troop] are always x5

Silver hunting [troop] are always x3

Bronze hunting [troop] are always x1

Gold [class] Hero tasks are always x22

Silver [class] Hero tasks are always x15

Bronze [class] Hero tasks are always x4


Thanks for the update.

As has been mentioned, there are problems with the campaign tasks.

I don’t think it’s a small ask for campaign things to be working properly, especially as some of the issues are paid content.

This is especially so as it looks like the tasks are left to their own devices and there is no hand on the tiller. Hopefully someone can sort those things out, or if they can’t how about reducing the skipping multiple same task costs until they are?

Maybe 1/2 the gem cost so players can more easily skip bugged duplicates until fixed?


Thanks, Jeto! Really appreciate the communication!

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They can check and adjust the tasks prior to (and even after) setting them live. I wonder why this isn’t done for Hellcrag (or other weeks that feature newly released kingdoms), there are always multiple incorrect tasks that are easy to spot.

Players usually don’t skip, they reroll. Even at half cost.


Tbh whilst I agree, halving the reroll at this time, they may as well just fix the issue. That was my main thought.

I just reroll almost every task these days. It’s very easy to complete the campaign while completely ignoring it. The only things I don’t reroll are soulforge crafting, gain 80 souls/5 glory/gold, and kill troops of a certain color. I highly recommend trying it next week if you never have.


Yup me too although I will include banner, weapon type if I already have a team set up either way. Its way easier in general to go with kill coloured enemies because success is inevitable and requires zero faffing about. None of this dbl dungeon/3 adventure board time gate malarkey :sleeping:

Also, minor insignificant issue, but if you kill someone with a forest herb, and then the enemy summons a troop in that spot, it will show the forest herb, even if they are not a green troop. Graphical issue only.

Indeed, that’s been reported here:

Hey all,

In the past 24 hours, you may have seen some compensation go out to your mailboxes.
Appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked to get these issues fixed but unfortunately, we have been unable to get the hotfix approved in time for it to be released before the current Legends Reborn event ends.

While these issues are still going to be resolved, the achievement and the Legends Reborn event resource won’t appear again till the next event.
As for the crashing on the reward screen, this will also stop once the Legends Reborn event ends, but we were doing what we could to have this resolved sooner.

Again, appreciate everyone’s patience and apologies for this inconvenience!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


So far the only issues I have are (not affecting getting rewards):

  1. First battle (no matter what game mode) after finishing legends reborn quest line will soft lock on rewards screen but all rewards are received after closing and reopening.
  2. Also will receive the blue lantern points instead of green herbs but once I go to world map again to focus on forest of thorns, it will be corrected.

Thanks for the compensation and updates!

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I am also getting softlocks at the end of world event fights and losing the rewards and of course a sigil.

Is this still a thing? It’s been more than two weeks now, some update would be helpful.

There’s an update a week ago:

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Which doesn’t really tell me much about the future of the hotfix. Is it still coming? Will the individual fixes be rolled into update 6.5 instead? Or have the fixes been shelved entirely for now and will get worked on again after update 6.5, hopefully before the next Legend event hits?