Arena 8 or more wins Task

Platform, device version and operating system
Win 10, Steam, 3.5.10

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened

  • What was I expecting to happen? Should I be expecting to be able to play more than 8 wins in the Arena? j/k. I believe the task pre-dates the determined amount of Arena wins. You can’t have more than 8.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

  • The task just popped up today.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Since tasks appear randomly (at least to my knowledge, maybe they cycle) this one’s out of chance.

I think it’s meant to imply a 7-win run isn’t sufficient. You only win 7, you have to complete another run to get your 8. Which could possibly give you more than 8 wins. At least that’s how I interpret it.


I had this the other day. The more detailed task in the More Info states it has to be a single arena run.

In my opinion, this might have been a fix to a previous task I encountered soon after the tasks came out for this update, where the shorthand info stated ‘7 or more wins’ in a single arena run, but it actually required 8. But it looks like they left in the ‘or more’ text.

I see your point, but how it’s worded it says “an” arena run, implying a single play through.

Thanks! I made a note about this for the team.

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Awesome. Thanks guys!