Daily task bug on X1

Daily task on x1 says “finish an arena match with 7 or more wins” on the side bar, yet when expanded it shows “win at least 8 matches before being eliminated” .
Two things. First which is it, 7 or 8?
Second, how could I win AT LEAST 8? Which is implying I may win MORE than 8…

Did you try to open up another game (which fully closes the GOW game) and then go back into GOW? I was seeing similar issues for a while, and found out it was because even though I turned off my Xbox, the game only went into “slumber” mode, so it didn’t reset tasks right. I don’t know if it will work in your case, but you could try it!

Welcome to 2015.

Just don’t lose an Arena run and it will clear, or skip it and the Task will auto clear tomorrow. Yes, you are right it poorly worded.

No they don’t clear on x1. Not for me anyhow. I left one there for a week solid.

Slot A always clears on reset. Unless you pulled the exact same Task the day you looked again which does happen. Or you keep the game active and are using the Auto Resume functionality of the console.

Xbox Guide | Left Thumbstick to Gems of War | Select Button | Quit

I always quit when shutting my system off. ALWAYS stays the same. I know because it was a stupid use X type of troop that I had no interest in using them. The two below it stayed as well. Use X color and another troop type that I didn’t want to use. I’ll get a pic tomorrow of the top task being the same because I hate arena.

Does it clear after beating arena? Ten gems is a good reward…

If your tasks are stuck, and it does happen rarely, you need a support ticket for them to fix it on their end.

The only thing I can think of is you started that Task and failed in Arena (so it stayed there as you have partial progress). Why dont you try to actually go 8/0 in Arena?

I have never once had any trouble with that particular Task. I suppose you can always create a help ticket by contacting support.

Tried and got 6 deep into arena. Will try again after gnomes are gone.
The previous time with multiple stuck tasks though was 100% not even attempted.