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First Task the Same Three Days in a Row

This is the third day the first task has been the same “Reduce an enemy troop’so attack to zero.” I cleared it the last two days and received the 2000 gold. I thought the rotation was supposed to be more varied. It seems to have been since the last update. Any other PS4 players seeing this too?

I had change your armor a couple of days in a row. I just toss it up to being random is random.

Yeah probably. Thanks

Yeah, that’s probably just random, keep in mind there are not that many tasks to chose from. If you get the same one for the rest of next week (10+ times) well then that’s beyond RNG. Contact support.

Mr. Strange posted a few days ago he would like to expand on the task system, so hopeful that will occur.

Thanks for the input. I got a new task on day 4. Guess it was random. I had just not see three in a row before.

I’ve had the drifting sand troops one before the kingdom was out and it’s still on my screen even though it says 18/8

Now this sounds like a Bug, if you are past the requirement of 8 Wins it might not ever complete. I would Contact 505 Support.

It’s possible to get it over the limit like that, because we changed the tasks but didn’t clear progress. But if you do it one more time it should clear.

Clarification, that same task USED to be “win 20 with at least 3 troops from Wild Plains” - and you did 18 such battles before the task was changed to “win 8 battles with at least 3 troops from Drifting Sands” - so this is a problem that can only happen when we do a dynamic change to existing tasks, like we did.

Win 1 more battle with unique troops from Drifting Sands, and you’ll be set.