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[HELP] Troop Questions and More

Hey, people!

So, I’m still pretty new to Gems of War, and that means I’ve probably made a bunch of mistakes, and will likely continue to do so. Please, cut me a little slack, as I haven’t read all the threads there are to read–that’d take a long, long time–and I’m doing my best to learn what I can from all kinds of places, including Tacet’s videos on YouTube.

Tacet’s videos are actually part of the reasons I’m posting, here. Because I was watching his video on the best soul farming lineup he’s found and I’m missing two of the troops–Gren Slime and Keeper of Souls. From researching that, I learned that Green Slime is/was part of an event called He Slimed Me.

On a similar note, I went into a PvP battle with someone whose hero had the Crescendo, which was also part of an event in which you could obtain it with either glory (some said) or $14.99, or some such.

My questions are:

  • Can one still acquire Green Slime through chests, even though the event is over?

  • Does doing quests in a certain kingdom make it more likely that you’ll get troops from that kingdom from chests?

  • I read that Giant Spider is a passable substitute for Green Slime. Is there one for Keeper of Souls?

  • Is Crescendo still gettable, in some way?

  • How does one get a class’ weapon after unlocking it?

And, finally, I’d like some advice on my current PvP lineup:

  • Winter Knight (Ultra-rare, lv 15, 2 stats)
  • Marilith (Epic, lv 18, 1 stat)
  • Dryad (Ultra-rare, lv 14, 2 stats)
  • Spirit Fox (Ultra-rare, lv 12, 1 stat)

Thanks, in advance! :blush:



Bone Dragon


250 wins with the class. It goes into your mail.

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Your replies almost sounds like the Hero from the quests. :sweat_smile:





I see…

If you say so.

Let’s go!

(I can’t wait to see the feature-film adaptation. Gems of War: I’m a Bit of a Tool )


Thanks for responding, Tacet! I didn’t expect you to come across this, lol. Thanks for your videos, too!

I will elaborate on @Tacet’s vague answers

[quote=“Vriska, post:1, topic:13145, full:true”]

  • Can one still acquire Green Slime through chests, even though the event is over?[/quote]
    The purpose of the Events is to allow players a chance to get the Troop guaranteed with a Glory purchase (among others). The Event Troops always eventually enter chests. I believe PC/Mobile gets monthly updates to chest contents

[quote=“Vriska, post:1, topic:13145, full:true”]

  • Does doing quests in a certain kingdom make it more likely that you’ll get troops from that kingdom from chests?[/quote]
    No but they DO allow you to target specific Traitstones based on the Kingdom’s mana bonuses

[quote=“Vriska, post:1, topic:13145, full:true”]

  • I read that Giant Spider is a passable substitute for Green Slime. Is there one for Keeper of Souls?[/quote]
    I’d argue Giant Spider is better, it transforms a chosen color, Green Slime is random. Bone Dragon is also random (compared to Keeper of Souls) but can produce A LOT more Skulls against high Armor

[quote=“Vriska, post:1, topic:13145, full:true”]

  • Is Crescendo still gettable, in some way?[/quote]
    I cannot recall it’s Kingdom, but each Kingdom has a weapon that is available when it’s Kingdom is the Event. You’ll have to wait.

[quote=“Vriska, post:1, topic:13145, full:true”]

  • How does one get a class’ weapon after unlocking it?[/quote]
    It goes right into your mail. However, unlocking a Class does not equip it automatically, you must do it manually.

Sorry I cannot give advice on your current PvP team, the Console version still has only 1 of those 4 Troops.


Thank you for the more in-depth reply!

I still don’t have Bone Dragon, either. :confused: So, I’m going to do more map farming and do the challenges to get more souls and hopefully be able to level my guardian troops. Whew.

This is actually not the case on PC. Event (non-Mastery) Weapons, like Crescendo, are only sporadically available (almost never, in fact) and always for real money ($10-15 IIRC), not Glory. The Mastery/Kingdom Weapons also are bundled with the kingdom’s Legendary in the $50 pack, but since those weapons will “naturally” unlock by the time you’re level 300ish, they’re not really of much value.

The rest of @TaliaParks ’ reply is spot on, though.


Most people just farm souls with Valkyrie. Work on getting +1 magic bonus kingdoms to level 10 to get the extra magic, and the +50% soul trait on Valkyrie. Then make a team out of:

Blue/Purple (shadow hunter works good)
Blue/Brown (behemoth works good)
Blue/Green (druid works good)
Valkyrie (red/yellow)

You get all six colors, and only Valkyrie uses red and yellow. Her ability generates souls and fills up the blue mana troops.


As UKresistance said; no need to worry about a specific team when all you need to do is make sure Valkyrie is one of the 4 and build from there.

You can earn a maximum of 40 souls per match before your multiplier is applied


4 weeks exactly from the time the troops are on sale for glory is when they are added to the chests.

This is a new change. So there isn’t a big monthly chest update anymore, every week new troops will be added (well when we get to that point). Unless the devs changed their mind this was recently discussed, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I was just throwing that out there since I wanted to be a bit helpful :stuck_out_tongue:


I just want to thank everyone who replied, because all of your answers are super helpful and educated me on various things I didn’t even know I was ignorant about! Thank you very much!

I have some new questions!

  • Is it worth the modifiers to play harder modes of gameplay early in the game (pre lv100) to get increased returns?

  • I kinda borked it and didn’t level Valkyrie as much as possible before I started building my PvP team. Right now, playing on a harder mode, I’m not able to take on challenges (which give lots of souls, when you run all the challenges in a kingdom from 1-5 stars) with any team except my main PvP team (which I listed in my first post)… What do I do? >.<;

Because… I don’t have Bone Dragon, Shadow Hunter, or Behemoth… And, my Druid is at level 1, and Valkyrie’s at level 8. :expressionless:

I think the modifiers are only worthwhile at low levels if you are talking about souls, and you are using Valkyrie . Without valkyrie, you’re talking about turning 4 souls into 6 or 8. With Valk, you’re talking about turning 40 souls into 60 or 80. Big difference. Although I would never play at ‘normal’ - treat ‘hard’ as the minimum since you will always get a little boost with the combo breaker being the only difference (which you shouldn’t even notice most of the time).

Working the challenges is tricky at low levels - you definitely want the multipliers on the 5-star challenges, but you also need to win. Having Valkyrie is less important on those, so I would say do the 5-star challenges at the highest difficulty that you can manage with any team. I was in a similar situation after I got Valk, and would use her on maybe the 1 to 3 star challenges, then switch to my best team to finish off the 4 and 5 at the highest difficulty. Make sure you also get the best soul multiplying armor that you can afford and remember to equip it before battle (I can’t tell you the number of times I forgot to switch from my gold to soul armor).

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I hadn’t bought any armor from the time I started the game, but I had been saving up to (like a dope) buy 50 gem chests when I remembered armor. So, I got my first set…and, it’s draconic. I should’ve gone for celestial, but I didn’t. :expressionless:

I seem to make all the wrong choices, ugh. Not that draconic isn’t going to be useful… It’s just not the most useful, right now, for my purposes.

But, I’ll definitely do the 1-3 stars with my Valkyrie/Tyri (for more maps) team, and finish off the last two stars with my PvP team. That’s what I did last night when I built my weak-as-water soul-farming team. Ohhh, the noobishness. It stings.

You get 5, 10, 15, 20 Souls for 1-4 Stars but 100 for the 5-star Challenges.

I’d definitely make sure to use Valkyrie for the 5-stars.

And, I would, but at the Warlord I level of difficulty, my level 8 Valkyrie is really weak against the 5 star challengers. It’s brutal. Until I can get her leveled and traited up, I feel like I’m kinda borked. Plus, with my PvP team, her gem requirements are rough. I’m just… Bah. It’s gonna take time to fix it. :confused:

Finishing the Broken Spire quest line gives you access to the arena where you choose from a variety of troops (which you dont need to have yourself) to fight vs other players arena teams. It’s a pretty good way to get to know lots of troops which you otherwise wouldnt consider using or leveling. And it gives a good amount of souls aswell for the lower levels. So if you’re having a hard time doing other quest lines or the 4-5 star challenges, give it a try.

I’d also advise you to NOT finish any 5-star challenges for now. You’ll get your team good enough to finish them on warlord IV difficulty eventually. Combine that with Celestial armor and you’ll get a rather high multiplicator to those basic 100 souls. When I started playing, I finished the 5-star challenges early without any multiplicators… which imo is a waste of souls you could have earned if you did it later.


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Thank you for this tip! This is very helpful. I’ll lay off the 5-stars.

I agree. You want to do every 5-star that you can at the highest difficulty (and with the best soul armor that you can afford).

Personally, I don’t think it is important to use Valkyrie on the five star challenges. Valkyrie has exactly the same potential to earn souls in every single battle, but you only get the 5-star souls bonus once. If you use your other team to finish the 5-star’s at Warlord 4, then go do any other battle with Valkyrie, you end up in the same place.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. We all did it, but hopefully through the forums you can learn from some of our mistakes too!


That’s gonna be a while since I’m only level 59, but it’s better to make the most use of the bonus!