Green Slime vs. Giant Spider 1.0.9

Which one do you prefer the most now for purple creations, and why?

Giant Spider by far, as it doesn’t wipe its own gem color out. Paired with Green Seer and a couple Boar Riders, you never have to take a turn again.

Hmm, interesting build… Are you using the hero in the team as well?

I tried using Crescendo, but had a hard time finding a 4th to match it. Tyri was alright for map generation, and Brian was alright for magic gain. Sadly, magic is half effective on Crescendo, and I lose a purple with Brian. Venoxia makes the most sense with true damage, poison, and green generation, but that attack gain is useless in the last slot. I suppose I could put her in the first slot, and keep her filled until I need greens.

Probably depends on build. If you really expect to wipe the opponent without giving them a chance - then Spider is probably better because of its flexibility. I use Bone Dragon-Valk.-Gr.Slime-KoS and this build is pretty fast and aggressive, but not as efficient in getting extra turns, which means that Bone Dragon often gets killed - and then Spider’s summoning (when used instead of Slime) becomes the bane of this build, I cast it to fill KoS only to find myself with a 5-att troop in the first slot, no fun at all. :frowning: On the other hand Slime buffs itself, which is very helpful if I happen to loose Valkyrie too.
If I could prevent Spider from summoning I’d probably use it instead of Slime. As it is I find Slime better in this build.

I would always go Green Slime over Giant Spider. Green Slime has the 2nd highest HP in the game, behind that of another Karakoth troop. Green Slime still has a chance of landing an extra turn even if none of the purples/greens match up. Green Slime also raises a random stat making it stronger as it goes, whereas Giant Spider gets weaker with its useless meat shield blocking real skull damage. Giant Spider itself even has very low attack for a troop. Aside from all that, Green Slime has better synergy since it can be paired with things like Hero’s Sorcerer class. Green Slime also has better traits for spamming his ability, which costs 2 mana less on top of that, as well as the fact that Webspinner makes poison immunity decent now.


What @Tacet said . . . Green Slime for me over Giant Spider.

I’m sticking to Spider for the versatility and control. With slime I felt like if I used green to power it, I was shooting myself in the foot since it hindered chances of extra turn. The self buff was nice, and gave the slime some extra survivability or punch, but not consistent or reliable.

Conversely the spider is reliable, the trait lets it build extra life on matches, and it can get rid of red or yellow to better control the board. The only downside is the spider it spawns. Trying to whittle down a Gorgotha with a 5 atk spiderling is a serious exercise in futility.

Hero, Warlord , Gard’s Wall (10 red, gain 15 life + remove green gems, gain barrier)
Giant Spider

Keeper of Souls*

Works really well. Every time I do skull damage my hero gains more attack. Valk feeds spider, Spider feeds KoS, Skulls feed Hero attack. Cascades keep loop going. And when I can’t get another turn I use Wall and the barrier blocks when opponent uses turn to match skulls. I’ve gotten as high as 100 attack while chewing through a team with all stoneskin style traits.

I usually want these to create purple or yellow mana, so I also have Mercy in the equation.

But for purple generation, don’t forget Sylvasi !

Now if it’s a duel between Giant Spider and Green Slime only…
Green Slime if you rely on skull damage for more than 40% of your damages, Giant Spider otherwise.
No matter if they are not frontlines.

Giant Spider does have the big trait, and boosts itself by creating matches. Giant Spider is every bit as tanky as Green Slime. Regardless, the HP is pointless when you can pair Giant Spider with Green Seer, and never let the enemy touch you.

I use both, in teams that differ only in Giant Spider vs. Green Slime and banner.

If I plan to go Old Gods banner and stack Magic Link, then I use the Giant Spider. It will have me prioritize purple matches.

If I go Green Slime, my matches tend to look to charge the slime.

Both troops serve the same pourpuse so it’s completly up to the player preferences when it comes to gameplay. For me, I highly value the more control, less RNG spell that the Giant Spider provides me, even if I’ve to sacrifice the highly better troop stats of the Green Slime.

i dont like the summoned swarm spider, his attack is so small that its a waist even as a “take a swipe of damage”

Liked the idea with Venoxia, quite a bit. I need to get some souls to pump her up. :relieved:

I prefer Green Slime, I just wish I was able to get it to mythic, think I need 3 more of it. Giant spider annoys me so much when it summons a Spider Swarm.

I would say i choose the spider for 2 maybe 3 reasons. One no rng when it comes to the gems being transformed. If the spider has the life gain trait you can easily chose what gems to change to lead you to getting a 4 or 5 gem match which unless you get lucky can’t be said or the slime. Two the summoned troop. I am well aware of the misgivings of the summoned troop but lets say you run sun and moon or some other magic buffing item/troop then the summoned troop is goodbut i see the summoned trrop as more like a side grade to barrier do to one it is a red troop so you can gain red mana if you were not already doing so, it does damage through its spell and has a possibility to poison which has the possibility of killing a troop if you are lucky. It can be a meat shield as well in some instances. 3 the giant spider can be summoned from another troop and in some instances be even stronger than the one you lost.

Only if you are bad enough to loose a troop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I rely my control teams on Spell Damage rather than Skull creations.

But I can surely see your point, and I agree with it, you are totally right good Sir, sometimes it backfires.

With that said, even if it does less damage, you would win eventually, if you had no troops you won’t so it only makes the match slower, not makes you loose out of it.

I’ve been using Giant Spider with Green Seer and Yasmine’s Chalice. It’s pretty silly.

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