Do any other struggling to get Giant Spiders?


I just found 5 so far, getting annoying…


I could open a shop to sell them… On the third shelf above my Dire Wolves…


haha, so annoying, cant get a 6th one.


Try to get it as an arena pick. If you own all three picked units at level 15 or above, you can buy them for a single gem at the end, provided you get enough wins.


a single gem?


Hmm, interesting. How much does it cost tho?


need to put it in a support ticket… this should have been fixed… i know it is on both my tablet and my pc.


It’s based on how many souls it would cost to get the three selected troops to level 15 within your collection. If you already have all three at level 15, it just costs a single gem, going up to about 500 gems if you never bothered leveling them up past level 1.


Ah, you need to buy all 3?


Correct, but it is all three for just 1 gem (if all level 15, of course), so it’s actually a better deal than the one singular troop.


Need to level up Valkyrie and make a team around her so I can start farming souls before.