Arena purchasing does anyone else think

Good afternoon world of gem people…

does anyone else think that at the end of an arena 400+ diamonds is a weeee bit expensive for the cards at the end … considering 9 times out of ten we all ready own them?? its like buying a chocolate bar with a bar of gold really or trading in a reliant robin for ferarri…

The gem cost is derived from the gem cost for the souls you would need to level that troop to 15. If you own all three troops and they are already level led to 15, then they are offered at a mere 1 gem.

I currently only play arena and I really love the fact that you can buy them for a single gem. You can easily get lots of ultra rares for ascension. If you dont want and/or need em for ascension you can still disenchant the 3 cards, which gives you 40 souls for a gem.

Not sure this works correctly on consoles? At least on XB1. … Twice now I have finished the arena with troops I already leveled to 15, and both times it said I could purchase them for 62 or 63 gems. I too had heard that you can purchase them for a single gem, but have not seen this yet?

I also remember someone mentioning that you would get the weapon you were using as well, and if this why the cost was more, I would definitely be interested. But until someone can be confirm this, I dont plan to take that chance. … But for a single gem I would definitely purchase them.

Not sure, but think it got changed a bit on the 1.08 for mobile/PC. The changes might come to u soon, tho.

If you were using the weapon in arena, that means you already own it.

@eika86 - I hope so, that would be nice if it does. :slight_smile:

@Mariox - Nope, an update we got a few weeks ago changed the arena settings and now you have to choose between three weapons when you start. Before that we could use one of our own, but now you’re limited to the three they give you to choose from. The only good thing about it is you get to tryout weapons that you don’t actually have yet. … And the other bad thing is that you have to choose it first, before you choose your troops. Which doesn’t always work out, mostly due to mana color options between the troops they give you to choose from afterwards.

Never really thought about it that way… good idea!

All troops must be level 10 on consoles I believe, and level 15 on PC/Mobile. With the cost that low I’m to assume you had 2 of them a high enough level, but not all. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

This is because you can not buy just 1 troop from the arena, but have to buy all 3.

I can confirm that you do NOT get the weapon. I never play the arena since it forces me to use worse weapons than what I own but I did for testing purposes and I spent the gems for cards I already had maxed and didn’t get sun and moon.

He’s talking about the console not pc/app You don’t get to use your own weapons on console.

You’re wrong. I owned all troops and the ones I used were 15.

Yep, as @forloveofevil said, the both times it happened to me so far I made sure the three troops I was using were troops I already had leveled to 15. (mainly to get to purchase them for the low gem cost) But both times it asked for 62 and 63 gems, so I didn’t get them.

This may be just a glitch, but it hasn’t worked for me thus far. I still play arena and If it ever offers them for a single gem i’ll post it here.

For confirmation, I just finished another arena a moment ago where I have all three troops at lvl 15. And again it offerred me to purchase them for 62 gems at the end? … Not sure where 62 comes from or what it represents, but if this is a glitch I do wish they would fix it. This is the 3rd or 4th time i’ve done this now, at least since I’ve been watching for it.

Played 4 arenas so far today, and it gave me a loss again in the first set, even though I didnt actually lose any? It’s done this before too, but luckily I was able to make it ti eight wins before it tossed another false loss in, shorting my rewards. … Another known glitch I believe.

Confirm on PC/Mobile that the troops only cost 1 gem for me. So this is probably a bug for the console team to check into.

For console users, it could be a glitch, or it could be the consoles run a different system and are incapable of going as low as PC/Mobile.

Can’t be for certain, but it sounds as if you can’t get it lower than 60 gems on consoles, and could be a method to encourage spontaneous purchases. No guarantee it’ll go lower, but reporting it to 505GamesSupport couldn’t hurt.