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Heart of Rage

Kafka +1 Salty +0

Sincere thanks to both of you.


Thank you for the refund. Pleased it has come through.

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cool. guess I just have to wait for that to show up on Xbox One

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Gems of War Series S/X edition was confirmed as well by Not Kafka. They won’t say when it’ll launch, it’ll just launch one day. 🤷

(I wouldn’t be shocked if they waited until PlayStation 5 was released as well and then release both versions.)

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Any idea if account progress carries over or if its a new account like the Switch?

Should work exactly as if you went from an Xbox One to a Xbox One X.

All your data is stored on the cloud so yeah. Though mum is the word. There’s absolutely no reason not to assume you won’t be able to use the same account on next gen and switch back and forth so long as you are using the same Client.

That’s the big difference between the Switch port and next gen ports. Nintendo was a brand new client.

Hello everyone, around 2 pm Aussie time we pushed the mail that contains a Heart of Rage for those that had theirs consumed during crafting.

Roughly 270 people used Heart of Rage in crafting, so if you were one of them please check your mail!


Thank you! So there were roughly 270 crazy addicts like me…