Heart of Rage

@mitamata you try asking why Heart of Rage and Cedric have two separate drop rate chances despite both being Legendary Rarity and we’ll test this honey pot justification. :grinning:


Indeed: could someone please ask them ‘nicely’ what is the HoR drop rate (current and 48 hours ago), since the question keeps being dodged? Or at least the reason why they refuse to disclose it?
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Care to name an example? Garnering more respect, favor or gratitude might be a tough goal to aim for, often one has to be content with just creating less frustration. If this is about world event scoring, those posts are excellent, players would just seem to prefer some less arbitrary scoring rules.

Salty, you are driving me crazy. Yes, checking the code and running tests are a good extra mile to run. But it’s entirely missing the point.

There’s a legendary troop in the vault drop pool, Cedric Sparklesacks, who seems to have a drop rate around 1:10. Heart of Rage is also legendary troop. Players were expecting drop rates for that troop to be roughly the same. That’s a very reasonable assumption, especially since no official indication was given this might not be true.

The real drop rates prior to the change haven’t been disclosed. However, the community used up thousands of vault keys, with everybody eager to post a “First!” and still coming up empty handed. Which leads me to believe the drop rate was somewhere around 1:10000, barring some excessively bad luck.

Now, highly active players get about 2 to 3 vault keys each week, which would have required roughly 100 years on average to pull Heart of Rage. It would have taken much longer for the vast majority of average players. That’s not a good spot for a collectible game, especially one that just paywalled off said troop, claiming it would be readily available a little later for all players.

Getting back to communication, if the drop rates had been disclosed, nobody in their right mind would have spent a single vault key. There would have been frustration about the impossible drop rates, which could have been adjusted, making almost all players happy, or at least indifferent. Instead, there’s now frustration about wasting a years haul of vault keys without any remote chance of getting the one thing those vault keys were wasted for.

This is the ugly kind of frustration, not the “I wish this were improved” frustration, the “I got cheated out of everything I had, and the ones responsible just shrug it off” frustration. Yes, there have been some good Heart of Rage related improvements, those are too late to help the frustrated players above though. You don’t have a compensation plan for a situation that, from frustrated player perspective, absolutely calls for a compensation plan.

Broken record part, please communicate more about things about to happen in the near future. Like Heart of Rage getting added to vault drops, with drop rate specified. Like Enraged Kurandara getting added to the forge, with the parts listed that (don’t) get consumed. You’ll get “feedback” which of these things might not be a Good Idea, possibly allowing you to prevent the worst. While that might require some extra time, it will require a lot less total time than cleaning up all the immediate and collateral damage there would be otherwise.

Serious question, how could it ever get this far? The drop rate should never, ever have been set to such impossible odds, that must have been a scheduled train wreck clearly visible for anyone involved. If this was accidental your tests are missing sanity checks, they shouldn’t just confirm drop rates, they should also alert if something is configured several magnitudes off. If this was intentional you really, really shouldn’t let someone with so little knowledge about the game decide on things that have such a high impact.


I don’t believe Twitch embeds work on the forums anymore, but the answer to your question was given by Salty on-stream last night/this morning.

The stream in question is "Puzzle Quest Stream: Part 25 ", starting at the 23 minute mark of the stream.

EDIT: My browser is blocking the embed, but others might be able to see it. Added the embed at the relevant timestamp to the post.

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When can i expect to receive the Heart of Rage? I just crafted Enraged Kurandara. It still did say, that HoR is spend in the process.

As stated previously, we don’t have a date on when it will be going out as our team is working on it. I will post here as soon as I have confirmation.


Thanks for the fast reply. I read your message too quickly. Ill be sitting by the mailbox eagerly waiting for my HoR :smiley:

ps. If you slip in the real Kurandara in the same delivery, i wont tell anyone :wink:


4 vault keys and zero. World gone mad?!


me too,but i used 200+key not seen it

Few weeks*

Summons @Taransworld

How long does it take to implement code that mails Heart of Rage to each player that owns Enraged Kurandara?

I mean I thought the changes to the mailbox system was to make things like this easier.

What am I missing despite lack of motivation?
I mean the longer you wait to send out copies, the more folks waste vault keys in hopes of finding a second Heart of Rage right? Considering most that crafted Kurandangerous (Enraged K) have no clue about these changes since they don’t use the forums.

Maybe the few days was based on programming knowledge, before the publisher said to wait a few weeks instead.

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Clogged up internal communication channels.

It’s only been 8 days though, give them a bit more time. Rule of thumb, if a dev gives you an estimate, always multiply by the factor 3. They’ll probably first want to change the recipe to no longer consume the Heart prior to mailing the ones that were consumed.


It certainly doesn’t feel very good to still be waiting…

There is the ability to update something if the time line is off. Like if a friend says they’ll be over in 15 minutes but it ends up taking over 3 times longer.

I’m starting to think that the few days was all it would actually take. And making us wait longer is 100% on purpose.
Taran doesn’t check the forums enough. But I’m interested to hear how long it would take to code something like “everyone that owns Enraged Kurandara gets 1 Heart of Rage mailed to them”.

I understand changing the soul forge recipe would take a bit longer. Most likely with a power orb reduction as well. But if it isn’t that simple. Update the timeline. Don’t just wait until X amount of people bitch about it before commenting on it again.


@Saltypatra @Kafka, as this has not been resolved yet I wanted to take the opportunity to point out that I had spent an orb of ascension, souls and traitstones to get Heart of Rage traited and to mythic. If we could please ensure that either these resources are also returned, or that the card will be at the level it was prior to consumption that would be much appreciated.

Not sure about the rarity, but I traited Sacred Treasure, and each time I get a new one, it has it’s traits up. So traits are definately retained even if you lose the last copy of a troop.


Heart of Rage will still have all upgrades. The game just sets the currently owned counter to 0, the upgrade information is still around.


We are probably waiting until 5.3 for this fix if it is recoding the recipe to not consume HoR.

I guess I got lucky because I got a heart of rage from a max difficulty basic vault key that I received from today’s faction event. Doesn’t seem too useful a troop though for more than crafting another troop or completionist sake

Wouldn’t it be lovely - just such good communication - if we were told what the expected timeline is…