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Heart of rage in Vault now?

Helooooooooo everyone)) Is there any nes about Heart of Rage for Kurandara? Can we craft it now or it should be in a 4 weeks after Compaign?

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Good luck finding it. I think they gave it the same messed up almost impossible odds as EVK.

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It is in now, guild mate got one and there’s a screenshot of someone else getting one.

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Took me 42 keys


It’s definitely there.

What is the drop rate?

i am guessing equal to Mythic from event keys

Someone in a Discord I’m in got it in 30-40 keys

Aren’t they legally supposed to tell us drop rates these days?

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Holy crap, I think I read that somewhere, too.

I think devs forgot to program us being able to see Vault drop rates, event shop troops too.
Even though we can see them for all other keys and chaos shards.

I’m giving them the benefit of doubt by saying “forgot” rather than saying it was intentional though. :thinking:

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