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Heart of Rage

Okay, I’m back!

We took your feedback and concerns seriously so ran some further tests.

Prior we checked the code and the drop rate was working as intended. Then, due to your concerns, we ran a test that simulated 10,000 pulls to ensure that the Heart of Rage was dropping correctly.

The good news is that it’s been dropping correctly this whole time.

And the even better news? We listened to your feedback. We have increased the drop rate, and this change is now live.

Thank you for your time and patience!


time to tell my friends and guild mates that used up their keys earlier that now the drop rate has been buffed…

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I know there may be some disappointment, but I do believe it is better overall that we have buffed this for thr future.


What kind of drop rate % are we looking to see now?

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Without the Before and After drop rates, the above statement could arguably be dismissed as PR talk…
Why keep the customers in the dark on the drop rates, given (once again) a chance to show transparency at no cost to the company?
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PLENTY of valut keys (and still no Epic keys) but… it’s in there somewhere


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: drop rates should NOT be balanced around “no-lifers”. They should be balanced for the average player.

If the design/balance is intended to nudge the average player into buying a pa$$, that falls under the icky manipulative BS I’ve been calling out nonstop since Campaign 1 began.

Also: Devs, please disclose the actual drop rate for items like this going forward. There should not be any “fear” of players proving or disproving the information if the information is indeed accurate, and not disclosing rates out of the suits’ misguided desire to hope players buy more flash offers or other crap is icky.

(Reminder to paying players: This is the kind of stuff you’re paying for. Enjoy!)


I used a total of 135 vault keys plus one epic vault key, giving me nothing I want, including a grand total of 11 Cedrics and ZERO Heart of Rage. What I’m feeling right now is not “some disappointment”. I’m absolutely livid with rage. I PAID for this troop. I’m going to go away and seriously contemplate quitting for good.


Yeah – if it was changed because of the feedback of the people that tried for HoR, and it’s now been agreed that it would be better if the rate wasn’t so low, I’d consider it good practice to send out a free HoR/%roll per VK spent in the mail as a thank you for trusting that it was there and for the feedback.


Begs the question on the process used to determine drop rates (e.g. assuming a 0.01% chance): did the Devs ‘realize’ that e.g. 0.011% was a more suitable drop rate because players expressed themselves? Shouldn’t Devs know the math behind each resource in their economy, since said economy is so vehemently protected through periodic nerfs?

Add to that the reluctance to disclose the rates, and the red flags keep on piling up.
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:

Started with 75 VK and 1 Epic VK.

Used 72 VK on hard and 1 Epic VK (by mistake on easy).

Obtained with 72nd VK.


You’re all welcome to your feelings.

Me and Kafka pushed hard for this change for you, but I understand the disappointment of some. We won’t be reimbursing VKS used, as this wasn’t a fix. Heart of Rage was dropping as intended, but the developers listened to us when we presented your feedback and worked with us to make the situation better.

Gotta say though, sometimes doing nice things for you that you ask for ends up being a bit of a thankless task. Regardless, I am glad that the team listened to us and our case and that we could do this for you, even if some are taking after my namesake in response.

Mmmmm, salty!


Can we get a separate forums where our feedback is taken to the folks who actually are responsible for the dumb decisions?
That way you don’t take it personal either way.

And can anyone answer what the point of rarities is if you’re just gonna weigh the different troops differently all willy nilly like anyway?


Thank you @Saltypatra and @Kafka for making a troop that you both swear could be found in the vault yesterday. Despite originally saying it won’t be available for another 3 weeks from now.
But after no one was able to find it in the vault. You both made it possible to be found in the vault. Thank…you.

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While I certainly apricate the drop rate being increased - 2 things strike me:
Why was it consumed during crafting?
And can we have the suggestion of someone above - once you get to Mythic +4 copies the troop(s) are removed from the vault drop pool (like guardians)?

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I guess in retrospect I should have known that this card would be a source of major frustrations. I mean, they didn’t call it Heart of Warm Fuzzy Feelings.


I believe this is a matter of communication.

Bad Communication

Community: “Is Heart of Rage now dropping from vault battles?”
IP2: “Yes, it’s a very rare drop.”
Community: “We’ve run thousands of Vault battles, not a single Heart of Rage found, is it **really** in the drop table?”
IP2: “We’ve checked once more, good news, everything is working as intended.”
Community: “We’ve wasted another few thousand vault keys, zero Heart of Rage!”
IP2: “We’ve taken your feedback into account and raised the drop rate from an undisclosed number to an undisclosed number.”
Community: *Facepalm*

Good Communication

Community: “Is Heart of Rage now dropping from vault battles?”
IP2: “Yes, it has a 1:10000 chance to drop.”
Community: “Sorry, we couldn’t get drunk enough to even accidentally using vault keys at this rate.”
IP2: “Uh, the dev configuring the drop table thought vault keys were as abundant as gold keys, we’ve upped the drop rate to a much more reasonable 1:50 chance.”
Community: “Thank you.”

Note the major difference here.

In the first example players were led to believe they had a chance of obtaining Heart of Rage. This wasn’t really the case, everybody wasted the resources they had been farming for months on a wild goose chase doomed to be unsuccessful. The wild goose chase got changed in some way, players are still left to figure out if the goose really exists in reasonable numbers. Once they farm up the required resources a second time.

In the second example players were able to tell they were being sent on a wild goose chase and didn’t waste the resources they had been farming for months. They were also able to tell how much the wild goose chase got changed into a fair hunt prior to committing.

Still, thank you for pushing hard to improve the drop rate. I hope you understand why your effort ended up being much less appreciated than it could have been.


Salty mono is my cousin. I am chunky mono. :axe::rage::shield:

I don’t care about drop rates, troops I won’t ever use, secret recipes, or what’s in scrapple.

Someday, this game will end. Please share that with your team as well.


After being in the scout group and opening 100 keys to test if it was inside the pool, i decided to use what was left of my keys: 100 keys…
It took me exactly 100 keys to get it.
I am not bitter since i got it in the end. This is just a feeling, but i feel it was at 0.1% drop and they upped it to 1% drop. If it was at 0,1% drop, who decide these crazy numbers? Basically, no one has 1000 vault keys stocked up. Even if my hardcore vault grinding guild.
Thanks to @Saltypatra and @Kafka for helping changing that but design wise, one might wonder if they realize how hard it is to stockpile those keys…


You’re appreciated! Glad to see the rates raised.

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