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Heart of Rage

Can anyone please confirm if Heart is Rage is now available in the Vault? Ty

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We used over 150 keys since reset and not seen it.

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5 years later, there is still no ways to know when exactly a troop arrive in chest.
Probably too dificult to add in the news category when a new troop is added or a simple flashing " ! " with the name of the troop displayed when we open it. Probably also too useful for the players.


Really would like to know before spending Vault keys for receiving only unworthy rewards!

@Saltypatra or @Kafka would you please be able to confirm when we can expect Heart of Rage in the Vault? Ty

Just a +1 to say I tried 8 vault keys at reset last night and didn’t see it. not much of a testimonial, but didn’t think it was time to go all out on keys to find it

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I’ve checked with the team and Heart of Rage is available in the Vault rewards.
It is a very rare drop.


Well I just used 85 vault keys and got nothing, apart from 7 Cedrics. I have to say, given that I paid for this troop and then had it taken away because it gets consumed when forging enraged Kurandara, that leaves a really, really foul taste.


My guildmate used 40 with no luck and with the post above me, I’m suddenly wanting a second confirmation that it’s in the drop table lol…

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Given the documented buggy history of drops, I have advised my Guildies to wait until somebody confirms this with a SS.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


That’s why I started this thread…


It should be the same drop percentage as Cedric correct?

This is part of the problem with the secret squirrel society. It’s almost deliberately vague. You literally have no idea what to do at certain times, forum notwithstanding…

Vault Keys have considerable intrinsical value in the game, wasting using them is extremely counter productive.

Why can’t it be as clear as this?

  • Heart of Rage is a unique drop from the vault only. It will be in the vault from this date insert date or day campaign ends. It will remain in the vault drop table during all other campaigns.

  • Heart of Rage can only be obtained by vault keys and the percentage chance of it dropping is insert value as it is legendary rarity it insert % chance will drop less or as frequently than/as (delete as appropriate as I’m still guessing, so clarification is required) other card rarities found in the vault, when using a vault key.

  • There are no current plans to release Heart of Rage in any other way (subject to future change at our discretion).

  • Furthermore the purpose of Heart of Rage is that it is a consumable ingredient. It can be used with 8 power orbs to create Enraged Kurandara, a boss version mythic (or whatever it is called). Players do not have to own Kurandara to craft the enraged version. Players that have obtained Kurandara, you will still require one element of the crafting recipe - 8 power orbs to create the enraged version, as you obtained the Heart of Rage as part of your elite purchase.

  • Heart of Rage is consumed as part of the recipe to craft Enraged Kurandara, and for those players who like to have a complete collection, you will need to obtain a further copy by vault key chance, using vault keys and obtaining a further copy by beating Cedric and his colleagues in the vault.

  • We have no plans to lower the cost of power orbs to upgrade a mythic to a mythic boss, and the campaign starting w/c 7th October 2020 will include a mythic and various components as part of the campaign. At the end of the campaign, players that have purchased passes will obtain the mythic rarity troop and all of the components, except for 8 power orbs. 8 power orbs will always be required to be used to craft the boss version of the mythic, using components purchased as part of the pass system.

  • Players who choose free pass, will not be able to get the base mythic, but if they have 8 power orbs, will have 1 of 2 ingredients to do so. The other ingredient (s) insert whatever is only available by insert ‘tell us how we can get it’ . The other ingredient insert whatever will be available on insert date by the insert method as explained.

  • All mythics released as part of a campaign will require 8 power orbs to uprate, to all participants. No player needs to complete any campaign, as any boss mythic will be available to craft after the event end, provided you obtain the ingredients (as we have explained) and use 8 power orbs.

  • Boss mythics will always be available to craft at any time, using the requisite ingredients.

  • Kurandara will be in the soulforge w/c 21/10/2020 and can be crafted using the standard crafting recipes as per all none boss mythics - 4000 diamonds, 20,000 souls and 10 Celestial Traitstones. This will always be the case (subject to our discretion, but with adequate notice)

  • Each campaign base mythic will enter soulforge on the Monday reset, 4 weeks after the campaign ends, and will be confirmed with the actual date at the commencement of each campaign.

Simple really.

FWIW I don’t think it is available in the vault right now, but could be wrong…


I started trying some Vault Keys because I trust the words you posted. I hope my faith isn’t misguided…

I’m a good amount of Vault Keys in and I already have feedback.

The team might have made Heart of Rage a tiny bit too rare … (ok, way too rare). I get the team wants people to buy the Elite Pass and NOT to get it from the Vault, but now that the campaign is over, there’s absolutely no point in getting 8 Orbs of Power for Enraged Kurandara if people can’t get the Heart of Rage from The Vault.

This really does nothing to endear Enraged Kurandara to anyone considering people already have many reasons to dislike the troop.

Actually, I just realized people that didn’t buy the Elite Pass are probably going to want to have 2 Heart of Rage. This current rarity is not ideal.


If a troop shows as Unowned. Then there should be a way to own it from chests, soul forge or vault.
If you’re going to make it more complicated than that. Then let reputable sites, like Tarans.
Publish the drop rates and what’s actually available in chests and the vault @Saltypatra.

We’re now at a place where a Dev says a troop is available but we have yet to have a single player confirm it.
The whole situation is ridiculous and could of been easily adverted with A PLAN. Instead y’all have never looked more like you’re just making it up as you go.


It should be the exact same rarity as Cedric. I mean f*ck… forest guardian isn’t more rare than Ishbaala. The RARITY of the troop determines the drop rate.

If it is more rare than Cedric then that’s completely idiotic, stupid, half baked and nonsensical…or I guess a better way of saying it is “GoW 2020 edition”.


I’m thinking it could have been a good move to have a second Heart of Rage in the Elite+ Pass for collectors.


Until I see a verified screenshot here, I’m not using any Vault Keys.

And I totally agree: as players, we really do need to know exactly when each troop hits each drop table.


117 Vault Keys with 0 Heart of Rage, All used on Hard Difficulty

14 Orb of Chaos: Growth
13 Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
11 Cedric Sparklesack
4 Orb of Chaos: Ascension
3 3,000 Souls
1 300 Gems
1 Vault Key
0 Epic Vault Key

@Kafka Was I supposed to not play on Hard?

Also leaving this thought here: The last Flash Offer sold 3 Vault Keys and 50 gems for $2.

All 117 Vault Key Main Rewards: Warning, very streaky results
  1. Major Orb of Chaos: Growth
  2. Pet Gnome
  3. Major Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  4. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  5. Mecha Gnome
  6. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  7. 72,000 Gold
  8. Soul Gnome
  9. Soul Gnome
  10. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  11. Jewel Gnome
  12. Daemon Gnome
  13. Major Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  14. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  15. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  16. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  17. 72,000 Gold
  18. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  19. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  20. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  21. Major Orb of Chaos: Clans
  22. Valraven
  23. 120 Gems
  24. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  25. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  26. Treasure Gnome
  27. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  28. 24 Gem Keys
  29. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  30. 72,000 Gold
  31. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  32. Cedric Sparklesack, Vault Key
  33. Major Orb of Chaos: Growth
  34. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  35. Jewel Gnome
  36. 72,000 Gold
  37. 18 Event Keys
  38. Daemon Gnome
  39. Mecha Gnome
  40. Major Orb of Chaos: Clans
  41. Cedric Sparklesack
  42. 72,000 Gold
  43. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  44. Glory Gnome
  45. 18 Event Keys
  46. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  47. Major Orb of Chaos: Growth
  48. 72,000 Gold
  49. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  50. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  51. 24 Gem Keys
  52. Daemon Gnome
  53. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  54. Orb of Chaos: Ascension
  55. Jewel Gnome
  56. Orb of Chaos: Ascension
  57. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  58. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  60. Orb of Chaos: Ascension
  61. Orb of Chaos: Ascension
  62. Cedric Sparklesack
  63. Cedric Sparklesack
  64. 72,000 Gold
  65. Cedric Sparklesack
  66. Cedric Sparklesack
  67. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  68. Major Orb of Chaos: Ascension
  69. Cedric Sparklesack
  70. 72,000 Gold
  71. Jewel Gnome
  72. Cedric Sparklesack
  73. Jewel Gnome
  74. 72,000 Gold
  75. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  76. 60 Diamonds
  77. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  78. Major Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  79. Soul Gnome
  80. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  81. Pet Gnome
  82. 72,000 Gold
  83. 18 Event Keys
  84. 60 Diamonds
  85. 3,000 Souls (sigh…)
  86. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  87. 60 Diamonds
  88. Major Orb of Chaos: Clans
  89. Pet Gnome
  90. Major Orb of Chaos: Growth
  91. Cedric Sparklesack
  92. Treasure Gnome
  93. Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  94. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  95. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  96. 72,000 Gold
  97. Daemon Gnome
  98. Pet Gnome
  99. Mecha Gnome
  100. 3,000 Souls (…)
  101. Soul Gnome
  102. Pet Gnome
  103. 60 Diamonds
  104. Jewel Gnome
  105. 60 Diamonds
  106. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  107. Orb of Chaos: Clans
  108. Cedric Sparklesack
  109. 72,000 Gold
  110. Orb of Chaos: Growth
  111. Soul Gnome
  112. Cedric Sparklesack
  113. 60 Diamonds
  114. Jewel Gnome
  115. Jewel Gnome
  116. Major Orb of Chaos: Wisdom
  117. 300 Gems

I dont understand a thing. For every single campaign there is a mithycs boss like enrage kurandara?