Customer Service

We just got a new campaign and elite pass system, for customers paying or otherwise.

We also got an Arena event, where according to the forums, it’s running alongside a 24 hour pet rescue. I just noticed by checking events in game that it has an Arena event, however had I not been a forum goer, I would not have checked the event tab midweek, as historically it has never occurred to actually look for it.

I don’t want to speak out of turn here, but what is the logic behind not advising customers, and especially paying customers, past, present and future, with proper information about campaign passes and proper announcements in game?

I refer to this post I made re the Heart of Rage issue which caused problems because it was not properly communicated;

You’ll pardon my choice of words at the start of that post, as for gamers it is incredibly frustrating to not know what will be released in the campaign and how to acquire it, what roadblocks need to be dealt with and what methods and options there could be to do it, then afterwards encounter this problem.

For a customer to make an involved choice, they need to know what they are paying for.

Now that customers are paying for content, it is their absolute right to know what they are getting for their money.

For those not paying for content, they will want to know what they could spend money on to gain.

Customers, us gamers, have decisions we need to make about our in game supplies/resources and future gains in those areas, coupled with immediate losses.

Could you please take the time to explain what is being offered in each campaign, how it is being offered, in line with, or similar to, the post I made. We need to know how each campaign only items are obtained, how they may be crafted, what resources we need, how often we might need them, how many there are, are they consumable, do they require extraneous high value content - power orbs and so on, which I mostly covered in that post.

Additionally, all this information will do, is help you to gain more satisified customers. There is no negative about it, more people will feel informed and therefore spend more money.

There is now no logic not to advise what is being offered in full, as people are now paying extra for the privilege. There are no secrets, no schedule changes, and even if you decided to change content, you have the right to do so (we probably agreed to that in a EULA).

Please ask yourself this question (devs/community managers/anyone associated with the product), then provide a different answer to the one I give to it.

*Would you pay for something that you didn’t know what you would get from paying? *

My answer is I want to know what I am paying for, or potentially will pay for.

What’s yours…

I hope you can see how much of a positive this could be for the future of the game.

I wonder if this can be taken to the powers that be and they help by getting this information out for the next campaign or sooner.