Heart of Rage a drop yet?

Can we get confirmation if and when Heart of Rage will be a drop for vault keys?

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yes, it’s around 1% chance I suspect, based on a few hundred keys used. Hard to estimate low probabilities like that without thousands of trials, but it’s between 0.5% and 1.5% I would say.

edit: I just noticed this was specific for nintendo switch. I have no idea there… my response was for mobile/PC… I’m sorry if the drop tables are not in synch!


Update to anyone wondering. It is possible as of August 23 someone in Cowboys from Hell has pulled multiple Hearts of Rage from vaults I’m not 100% sure on the percentage I would assume 1% as that is what it is on PC/mobile

I got it in the vault with less than 20 regular keys, I play on xbox.

Got 1 today. Very very low chance lately for me. 1 in a thousand.

I think we’re talking about the Switch drop rates. Seems less than normal, my guild has never got 1 from thousands of keys opened.

@Jeto please confirm if HOR can drop in switch lately. I honestly thought it is non existent in PC/mobile too until I got one but it took me >1K vault/epic vault keys.

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Hi ! I got one today on switch, I used 75 keys. Good luck everyone.

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