Heart of Rage

After being in the scout group and opening 100 keys to test if it was inside the pool, i decided to use what was left of my keys: 100 keys…
It took me exactly 100 keys to get it.
I am not bitter since i got it in the end. This is just a feeling, but i feel it was at 0.1% drop and they upped it to 1% drop. If it was at 0,1% drop, who decide these crazy numbers? Basically, no one has 1000 vault keys stocked up. Even if my hardcore vault grinding guild.
Thanks to @Saltypatra and @Kafka for helping changing that but design wise, one might wonder if they realize how hard it is to stockpile those keys…


You’re appreciated! Glad to see the rates raised.

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While I’m happy for everyone who didn’t waste vault keys with the lower drop rate, and also happy for everyone who now got it, it doesn’t change that I now feel personally cheated.
Yes I feel salty. Your comment is rubbing salt into the wound, and just plain rude.


I used my Vault keys after the “update” - 120 not a single heart of rage. Disappoiting.


What’s more disappointing is that you can’t criticize the devs in charge of game design without salty and kafka jumping in between and claiming you’re being toxic towards the two of them.


Don’t point that out. Cause then they’ll threaten not to interact with us at all.

They “understand” why we are upset. But don’t understand why we aren’t impressed when they tell programmers that their game is broken, or more broken than they think.

Like I guess if we could see Salty yelling and fighting for common sense things to be implemented then we would appreciate it more. But we assume common sense changes are made, because they are common sense changes. And though we appreciate what Salty does. It is her job that she gets paid for it I think. The literal liason between developer and player.


I flagged a few other requests to the developers yesterday, and a few more changes will be made moving forward. (These are the ones I was particularly excited about!)

  • Anyone who spent a Heart of Rage in crafting will be sent a second one!

  • In the future we are making it so that these crafting recipes won’t consume the troop.

Please be aware that it will take us a few days to implement these changes. I will let you know when they have been done.

And I have to disagree, unfortunately, @Fourdottwoone. If we had communicated the way you recommended we would have been treated just the same. We have done so in the past, and it did not garner more respect, favour, or gratitude. Also, when we checked a second time we also ran tests and did our due diligence outside of just checking the code.

I know there is frustration regarding a few things at the moment, and I am sorry. However, I do feel that I must reiterate that you catch more flies with honey. I don’t take suggestions that are exceedingly rude, abusive or aggressive as seriously as those with calm reasoning.


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That’s awesome. I do think it could have been done that way to start with, but appreciate that we’re ending up there anyway :slight_smile: Any chance this could make it into an announcement? I’m thinking there might be people out there who used up their HoR for crafting and are now using vault keys to get another…

Oh thank god. Now I don’t feel as bad using my vault keys.

Unpopular opinion, but I don’t mind crafting recipes having consumable components. The big parts to make that work are that consumable components need to be identified clearly (and preferably in advance) and needs to be obtainable to the average player (NOT just the 1% of end game) in a timely manner, which Heart of Rage fails in both regards.

Crafting recipes which doesn’t consume a troop is definitely easier though for all parties involved.

Good change


Props to you for having the maturity and patience to do what you do when you’re bashed for any step you take. Certainly people should bring up complaints, but you devs are bashed awfully hard and called all sort of names. I hope communication continues to be positive and patient; it’s really encouraging to see!


Thanks for having Heart of Rage non-consumable. It was a needed change.

This is great news for me as I crafted Hart of Rage.

actually, I would like to demand refund for Enraged Kurandara

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The last instance that I recall was the 4.7 update, where you proviided advance notice of impending doom on Legendary Tasks.

However, when the campaign was introduced, Heart of Rage was given a teaser with more info coming soon. Maybe that was done on twitter, in one of your live streams, or another thread I missed.

We outnumber you. No matter what you say or how you say it, someone is bound to take offense. Add in the cultural and linguistic differences, and more chaos can be expected.

I thank you for the work you do. @kafka too.

We the players just finished a long campaign. There was enough happening for all player types, (newbies, mid, late, end, casual, hardcore, f2p and whales), to find an issue to Rage about…

I will still agree with @Fourdottwoone even if you feel you have to disagree. I would say more, but I’m lagging behind in ToD.

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I appreciate these changes and I can also swallow the loss of my vault keys. Thank you.

However, I would like to point out that, as the saying goes, the door swings both ways. Being told that our feelings are not important and that we should suck up wasting vault keys collected over many months, if not years, is not going to create any goodwill with me either.

I also would like to point out that I, too, wholeheartedly agree with @Fourdottwoone


I was aware that this change would cause upset with people that used keys.

However, it wasn’t a situation that could result in a win/win. Either we left the drop rate as it was, and garnered more anger, or we raised it as a gesture of good will, and garnered anger from those that had previously spent keys.

We decided that it was worth making the drop rate higher moving forward as it would positively impact a greater number of players.

I hope this post has shed some light on the reasoning behind the change, and the discussions that took place behind the scenes.

I in no way want to say that your feelings aren’t important, that is not what I said, meant, or intended. I wanted to point out that attacking us when communicating frustration isn’t as likely to get your problem solved, or issue looked at as discussing things with us as fellow human beings. You are entitled to your opinions, and you are entitled to voice them, I just ask that you don’t do so in a way that is excessively harmful to others.


I got a Heart of Rage from using about 15 vault keys, not bad!

Please know, my intention is not to stoke the fires - I do not have a solution for the issue I am identifying and overall I think the changes made were positive for most players
For some people (specifically those who purchased the campaign pass) the issue is two-fold, yes drop rates is one issue BUT since the very positive change for most players to not have it consumed in the soulforge, the effect is that the use of any vault keys searching for HOR was actually completely unnecessary

To put it another way - if we knew then what we know now about HOR not being consumed - would anyone who had purchased the campaign pass (and thus got HOR) have spent vault keys at all?

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I wouldn’t have, but in my view that’s less important as at least I haven’t lost anything. I might not have needed another 11 Cedric, but I still got random rewards. Hopefully I can collect more keys before another troop is added to the vault!

With the prior arrangement, we had an undisclosed loot box drop rate leading to me using all my resources (some of which were purchased with cold hard cash) and leaving me empty-handed. That’s THE definition of Loot box gambling imo and I’m pretty sure against industry standards.

Kudos to @Saltypatra and @Kafka for taking this up to the devs and coming up with a positive return to the players. Love you guys.

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