GW Fight Order option

Any interest in making it so that when you enter daily GW, you can choose your own order in which to battle the 5 opponents (ranks leading up to Paragon) for that day?

You can still only beat each opponent position/rank once. But if you want to fight only Paragon and lose multiple times trying, that becomes an option.

This would help add another level of strategy as to the order you fight thinking which opponents you will most likely be able to beat. Or perhaps have multiple runs at the top/hardest opponents.

I think this contradicts the basic premise of the ranks and points values increasing with each win.

It also seems a needless complexity in what many already find to be a painful daily task. Moreover, remember the devs are always resource-constrained and generally prioritise work which will monetise.


I can appreciate some feeling that way. Others, including myself, look forward to Guild Wars. It’s one of the games daily highlights for me. I would feel the added depth would add more entertainment.

My suggestion merely gives players a chance to view Paragons or other high ranked defenders and try those teams that they may otherwise never see. If they are ambitious enough to try beating the Paragon first, so be it, but they still only have 5 chances, so if they lose, they will win less than the 5 anyways, similar to the way it is now.

My suggestion is similar to how a Jeopardy contestant doesn’t have to work their way down to the $1000 question. They can pick it first if they want.

It could work as long as the points differential was based on number of wins, not order of battle. This would make the paragon battle worth the fewest points if done first. But that’d have to be the case else everyone would just do them in descending points order.

I still struggle to see the devs giving this much thought. Feels like fixing something that isn’t broken, and their to do list is always very long…


In a war you will face the frontlines first and only if you beat each rank you can have a chance to face the vanguard or elite. That’s the theme behind the current system.


On top of altering the theme/design of battling THROUGH a gauntlet of payers to get to the top ‘paragon’ player. This idea would alter the daily GW Scoring and allow players to completely game the system for more points. You might want to review how GW works, I’ve included a few links below.

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I wouldn’t suggest changing the point distribution. It is fine as is. Paragon would still be worth the most points. The only thing I was proposing was allowing a player to fight them in any order.

Nothing more than that.

But changing the order does change the point distribution. As it is now, you have to earn the right to face the paragon by beating the 4 other opponents. Your system would add needless complexity in order to prevent gaming the system. Either the paragon wouldn’t be worth as much (meaning you could use a non 4x color team to get him out of the way while sacrificing smaller bonuses) or the game would have to do some kind of end of war recalculation to adjust scores if you beat the 4 highest ranked opponents and then lost to the soldier at the end. It just isn’t worth it.


You missed my point entirely. @stan explains it again.


I didn’t miss your point. I fully understand how the scores are generated based on each consequtive battle. As Stan says, given this scenario an end game recalculation would be needed. I’m only saying that the values would still be the same in that Paragon would be worth more, every lower rank would be worth less (as they already are). The code for calculating it would need a tweek.

I get it though. You don’t like the idea. That’s cool. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve just found this thread because I was looking for some explanation of why, sometimes, I find that the second battle in GW is often the hardest of all.

I don’t know if it’s because some high ranked players don’t fight all the battles all the time, but I have, on more than a few occasions, ended up with a 4/1 result because I’ve lost the second fight, even though the 3rd and 4th have been easy.

As such, I never even get to battle their Paragon because of this.

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Not sure about a change to fight order. Though I do believe instead of it being simply based on ranks as per a base point system. This could use some tweaking. And yes while other players could rank or change positions similar alignments do happen. IE A Soldier being level 60 and worth x points and a Soldier being level 1200 and being worth the same points. The base points should not only consider your rank but also your level. Possibly even the level you are compared to the one facing you. So if its a level 200 facing a Soldier that is 1200 they get additional points for facing and beating a harder opponent than themselves.