Devs, please challenge us!

Some in my guilds would like a global ranking of the guilds based on points. I think it is a bit irrelevant as we’re all facing different guilds in different brackets.

But what you could do would be to setup 5/10 fights (the same for every guild) then we could get a ranking on how well did the different guilds do as we would have a score based on how we fought just for these fights.

The frequency could be up to you (we know you’re busy adjusting Famine’s spell :smiley: ) but that would a fun addition to the GW. Especially as you could put in any sort of conditions to get a better score: start with only 3 troops, common based troops, etc…

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I think that was the original design, and then uhm… something happened and it was changed to the current system.
TBH I’m not sure what the argument was, but apparently there were enough people against it at the time.