GW-style point score in PvP

I was thinking that it could be beneficial if there were a score reported after a PvP battle that would let you know how many points you would have gotten had that battle been in GW. Something along the lines of “If this had been a GW battle vs. the Paragon, you would have received XXXX points.”

It could help with fine tuning teams that are maybe a little slower or tend to lose a troop, or any number of things that could affect your score.

Obviously the formula is already in the game, I don’t know how hard it would be to port over to PvP. Or even if anyone else would find the information useful. :grinning:



I love this idea. My PvP win/lose is always affected by the fact I take new teams over to PvP to see how they will perform in GW. This could give me better feedback, and make my game play better. good ides.

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I like the idea, but I see a problem.

Having a GW-style score attached to every match would result in a sense of most teams ‘not being good enough’. We already get that on anything even slightly slow or inefficient, if we’re a late-game or particularly observant player. What we do NOT want is for casual and/or new players to be pushed to only use or create the most efficient teams, when they should actually just be using whatever they want to use.

I think there are ways to avoid that problem @Shimrra, you could for instance show it as a stat in the Battle Log. This way the info is there for people interested in it, but it will not influence the newer or more casual player.

Of course the Battle Log should ideally start to show all battles instead of the current selected few.

Couldn’t agree more. What if the results weren’t in your face like gold, souls, trophies, etc. earned? Maybe you could find them by clicking a question mark button like on the GW attack page.

Maybe if it showed when you click on the specific battle in the battle log? We already have that so they’d simply have to add another stat there. This way you don’t see it unless you specifically look for it. I love this idea!! However they’d choose to do it i think it would be great, i’m always looking to improve my gw scores and this would be a huge help. It would also be a nice touch for the end game players who have expressed they feel ignored. Just my opinion.


All of those [overlapping] ideas work. Hm. DEVS!! DO THINGS! Lol.

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Ok so first of all this is a sweet idea with a few flaws im going to explain these and then make an alternative suggestion that may interest some people.

First of all the game wont be accurate because it wont take into account the sentinal bonus and how the game may have gone if I had more magic or attack or maybe I wouldnt have died if I had more life. Secondly how is it supposed to know what color day it is and add color bonus?

So my alternative is to make a mock guild wars single player minigame. You can simulate the sentinals for free to the levels you normally choose, pick the color you are using and choose a difficulty like in explore where very hard is like bracket 1 psion famine dawnbringer infernus teams and super easy is like bracket 300 everyone has 10 health. It can even reward minor prizes like maybe a few 100 gold or like 2 glory and go up based on difficulty.

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@s-wolff, I love it. You caught like 84 flaws in my original idea, I absolutely love the idea of a mini-game. :smiley:

Agreed. Feedback would be incredibly helpful - there are definitely times when I wonder how my score was higher/lower than I thought it would be.