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Guild War scoring system suggestion

Hello,Dear Devs team. i just want make a suggestion for guild War scoring system.
I hope you can add a small widget in guild War match interface,it could be a small window at the top or button of screen.
When we start battle,it can display the score change in real time. so we can known what action cause our score was became lower or higher. the player can get intuitive information on the rule of the scoring system.
So That is all I have to say. and thank you all for make Gems of War became more fun.


Wow that would be amazing but seems quite complicated to do real time info.

This would be way too usefull, therefore it can never happen.

To know how many points you would earn if the match were to end on this turn would be epic. Don’t know how many times I had a troop ready to wipe the AI but wasn’t sure if I “Milked the Mana” long enough.

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And delete all events except GW pls

It does it already in real time. We as a player aren’t able to see it until the end of the match.

My take on their explanation of the system is they don’t want us to be able to suss out which moves are optimal. It’s intentionally byzantine so no one can figure out a true “optimal” team.


Trying to quote the use of Byzantine.

This would be equivalent to telling us exactly how the scoring works. So it’ll never happen.

I miss the good old time when you only had to worry about how many troops same color and how many troops alive