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Guild Wars battle tracker

I know this may sounds stupid to some because we have a pvp battle tracker with all the new updates to Guild Wars battles i would love to be able to see how many battle was lost just because of GW battle and not both. Yes you can kinda go threw the battle log and kinda guess to some extent. But that is not accurate specifically when you get in some of the higher brackets because a lot of the players there pvp so things get gumbled up.

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Its already here. Check under each of your defensive GW teams in the GW menu.

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just got that pointed out lol sorry about this topic
but i did not relies that was what the numbers where referring too thank you tho

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Technically you can do that…

Everyone can track their own - including defenses now. - I use my own spreadsheet but I know there are guilds who have very complex sheets.

For Defense - go to the GW - Select Defense - look at the bottom of each day there is a x/x = that’s your win/loss for that team that day.


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That’s one change that was requested and implemented I like. Helps manage effective unique defense teams. I’m not sure what percentages would be comparable to the meta defense winrate but exceeding 30% seems viable with the defense bonus points.

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You know the fact it wins - and isn’t a meta should be a wake up call to those who are unable to be creative :).

I ran into my first GW Player who isn’t concern about Defense points. But I also recognize the guild is part of a group of guilds, and knowing some of the attitude in that group, I see they don’t see how screwed they will be out of points. Ya get the win but loose 2k for the day per person, is going to hurt that guild overall’s points for the day. (We’re almost double the total for the day against them.)