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GW battles lost because of crashes

Out of the 9 losses we have had in GW yesterday, 4 are due to the game crashing or freezing.
4 out of 9!!!
How are we supposed to compete in those conditions?
Another of our veterans wants to quit the game because he is tired of the constant bugs. What can I tell him?

And I wouldn’t even know what kind of ticket I could submit. Our members and members of friendly guilds have reported battles lost because of crashes yesterday on several devices (mobile, IPhone, IPad…).


Same here…

This happened to me twice last week so I understand the frustration. I understood beforehand that the points would never be regained or adjusted but it still stung nonetheless. I guess the only solace to be taken away from it is that it is also happening to other guilds that we are competing against. Hopefully a fix for this is in the near future but it’s more than likely something that is very difficult to recreate and pinpoint what’s causing it.


Yep, at least it’s a level playing field. This also applies to GW defenses resetting, etc.

Same deal in Xbox land.
Still investigating, can’t fix.

It is not the losses that worry me the most. I am pretty sure all the guilds are experiencing them.
It is having again players quitting because they are tired of all the bugs.
A few have been fixed lately and it is encouraging, but there are still many very annoying ones.

This happened to me again Yesterday in GW! Very annoying!


Twice for me today. This makes the third week in a row of it.

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Sorry for your losses.
It doesn’t seem anywhere near to be fixed. :frowning:
There is only this for the moment, it seems:

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I followed those steps but unfortunately they didn’t stop the issue from happening to me, sadly.
It seems to happen at random and unpredictable times. I’ll play my battles as usual and after I win and it goes through the victory screen I return to the attack menu to see a red skull over the person’s slot that I just played.
The following pic is from last week, it’s not a call out as it has to show the name to prove the Irregularity of what happened. And I know the person with the name shown twice and consider him a friend.

I am sure the devs track the time of all PVP matches played. I wonder what the time stamps are on those three battles against the same person.

At least this happens to all players, meaning that the same happens in the opposing guilds. The game crashed, you lost points, the game crashed for your enemy - he lost points too. Kind of makes up the difference.

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Kind of… yes… But when the gap between 2 guilds is 1K-2K points and that hundreds of gems are at stakes, knowing that there are tons of bugs that affect the score is not very pleasant.

Once again, I know that all the guilds are affected by it. My main problem right now is that we have another member who wants to quit the guild because he feels bad and angry after having had a 2-3 this week because the game kept on crashing. And that I am tired of losing great players because of bugs.

Well, the other guilds are losing their great players too! This makes up the difference =) Top player left you, you are forced to recruit a mid level player with mediocre performance, but the opposing guilds are going through the same!
You’re losing GW points and players to this bug, enemies lose them too. You’re frustrated and depressed, the enemy feels the same! Now it’s your job to outlive them! Let the frustration make the work for you. Enemies will feel more and more depressed, they will quit the game until there is only one guild left and… you will be the winner!

Bracket 1
Your Guild

Bracket 2

I didn’t know it was a Battle royale game. My bad.

I commented on the current status of this issue in another thread: