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Guilds need help Recruiting

I seen people come and go for years hopping to one guild to the next and it repeats they never stay why? I tell you why they want to get easy rewards trying to get the best troops. This issue has lead to guilds in the top 10 and mid 20s fall down in rank and the guildmasters spend more time kicking out people that do no work and can’t trust anyone. They come in get “free rewards” and they change their name and repeat, it’s HORRIBLE!!! Why can’t we have the abilty to ban players for good? Because that be unfair, so why can’t there be some way to get good honest hard workers? honesty i doon’t think it can be done unless there was a way that people can post a wanted sign in a Gems of War Social Group. People chat on global chat and there’s 999 channels how can they know what guilds out there are recruiting and need help? I would love to see a group that can help guilds find someone looking for a guild like on gems of war webpage title it Recruits For Hire and have it where guilds can message them.

If a Guild manager needs help to know how to run a guild then they have no business being a GM. It’s not a help issue, but instead a too many guilds issue.
The only Requirement to be GM is 25K gold. So there’s always going to be way more bad managers than good ones.

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It is the GMs job to decide which people in your guild that is gonna help with guild recruiting. I would not expect other wanting to do this job outside the guild.

So what does the report a player button do?? I’ve never used it .

You can’t report them for guild hopping. Try it for yourself and see the options.

It would be big help if the invite code would be publicly visible or another unique public ID would be visible on each player and you could check a black list.

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I may be alone in this but I don’t see this as an issue. This is a game. Let people jump around to find a guild that suits them. Not all guilds are the same. Some are hardcore while others are casual, some are adults only, some are certain languages only, some are in a family of guilds and others aren’t, etc etc. Realizing you joined a guild that isn’t for you is ok, find another.

That said, I do wish the game made it easier for guilds to communicate in game. Chat on mobile disconnects an absurd number of times per day, and there isn’t a direct message system. BUT. That’s ultimately on the GM and person joining. Who joins a guild in a game without looking around the guild menu, chat, etc? A GM can tell pretty quick if that’s happening.

I don’t understand why invite codes are kept hidden. Sometimes I use a network sniffer to get someone’s invite code since that info is technically public. :woman_shrugging:

You can. A GM can kick a player which bans them from the guild. They can only come back with an invite.

These forums have a guild recruitment section. There’s also discord, reddit, and facebook.

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Maybe no point in replying to the OP now? :thinking:

One thing devs could help with is recommending active guilds with their doors open to new players. Really shouldn’t put new players in a guild with only 10 active people unless they intentionally want to play with friends or something.

Just prioritize any metric, (gold, seals, trophies, WE scores [that’s potentially a cash cow]) and then exclude guilds they can’t apply to due to account level requirements.

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There needs to be more control from inside the guild.
What I really want is the ability to message members specifically. To remind them to hit their minimums or communicate when the guild has new goals. My guild has a Facebook group where we all work together, but we usually have a few random people in the guild who never communicate or join us on Facebook. I’d like to be able to message them where it would put up as a notification for them.
There definitely needs to be more time invested in better designing the guilds. I’m tired of people mooching off our hard work, with no ability to actually manage or communicate well with the team. Plus, recruiting is near impossible within the game, and a pain to do online. I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole thing. I’m running a top 50 guild on XBOX and want to be able to increase our numbers and move up the ranks, but GOW makes it so hard to be able to actually manage the guild.


Throwing an idea into this thread: A guild info page. I don’t want to clutter guild announcement with guild rules (event requirements for example, or different rules for different ranks, or discord link, etc). Not everything can fit in the guild announcement anyway.

This is the difficult part. Sundays and Mondays are my kicking party days. A day before, I warn exactly who is at risk and why in the game chat. But if that person doesn’t log on until later and the guild chat keeps only a small history, they may miss it. Several times I’ve invited people back after kicking them because of that.

Interesting, your guild communicates largely through Facebook? I know there’s a group there, but I never use it so I don’t tie my real name to the game.

A better guild info page would be a huge help. We just have our Announcement directing people to our Facebook group. When I joined this guild years ago, that’s how they did it. When I took over, I continued that. It works great! We’ve now got 28/30 members in the Facebook group. Some communicate better than others, but atleast I have a way to directly reach them. We’ve got a group and a messenger thread so we can chat, share teams, and post when a pet rescue pops up. It’s super helpful, since then more people can catch the pet.

It’s definitely a pain to try to communicate within the game. There’s just no good option. If they don’t use the guild chat, we have no way of communicating anything with them. Plus, I hate having to type in the guild chat because it’s so slow to type it all out. I don’t have the patience for it.

There’s 2 Facebook groups for Gems I’ve used. One basic to Gems, and one specific to XBOX. I’ve used them both successfully for recruiting, and a lot of people will ask questions and share strategies. It’s pretty helpful.

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28/30 on a Facebook group is huge, I can’t imagine that in our guild, people like their privacy. Few of our guildies even talked about discord, but it didn’t get much positive feedback, so we are stuck with guild chat. My first post to this forum was about how lousy the chat is, because that is my biggest concern in the game, so it would be great to have an update on that…

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